Kevin Costner to star as Browns GM in new movie shooting in Cleveland

A story this morning in the Buffalo News is exciting for the city of Cleveland, and Browns fans. It appears Cleveland was chosen over Buffalo as the location for a new movie called “Draft Day” which will star Kevin Costner and be directed by Ivan Reitman.

“A furious fourth-quarter rally mounted by New York State officials – including a top aide to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo – has fallen short in keeping the film “Draft Day” in Buffalo.

The movie, which was to depict Kevin Costner as a fictitious Buffalo Bills general manager trying to restore his team to past glory, will now be shot in Cleveland instead, with the actor portraying the Cleveland Browns GM.

The big reason, said Tim Clark, who heads the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission, was economics.

“At the end of the day, it was a money thing. I think Mr. [Ivan] Reitman really wanted to shoot here, but it just came down to the cost factor. What we were told is that the Cleveland incentives were better,” Clark said.”

Principal photography is supposed to begin filming next month at the NFL draft in Radio City Music Hall.

The movie was apparently in danger of never being made, with executives claiming it was unmarketable- especially outside of America.

Here is a description of the story

“The story, which centers around Costner’s character bustling around on draft day trying to trade the first pick of the draft into a series of better players for his flailing team, isn’t just a football-centric story. There are relationship aspects as well, with the GM’s family baggage popping up occasionally and, of course, a few surprising romantic developments as well. Sounds like a nice Moneyball-esque comedy that might concentrate a bit more on heart than pure numbers, and a great return to form for Costner, who hasn’t made a true sports film since 1999’s For Love of the Game.”

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  • FearTheRoo

    If it’s about the Browns shouldn’t it be called Draft Day Flop?

  • dwhit110

    SPOILER ALERT: They trade down.

  • humboldt

    “Kevin Costner to star as Browns GM in new movie shooting in Cleveland”

    In keeping with local tradition, Costner has a 2-year window to make the film before being replaced.

  • mgbode

    i’d bet most Browns fans would rather have Costner as GM than Lombardi

  • Harv 21

    …and in the end we win the Super Bowl!! And every national piece about the Browns after this will be spliced with references to Draft Day, starring a GM who tweets obscenities at fans from the owner’s box, a graybeard rookie QB who just gave up a long minor-league baseball career, a big-threat receiver who couldn’t pass a drug test if he was locked in a bank vault and guarded by the NSA while secreted from safehouse to safehouse, and a delusional career special teamer who after 15 years of on-field collisions is positive he’s about to be anointed the centerpiece of the offensive.

    Oh goody.

  • mgbode

    even in the movies, they won’t give Cleveland a championship. Major League? Only a playoff berth (and swept by the White Sox).

    Heck, they had to make Major League II just to let us make the World Series.

  • Jaker

    “If Brett Ratliff isn’t in the deal, then you can kiss the pick goodbye!!!” (slams the rotary phone down)

  • DontbringLBJback

    Possible titles:

    Dances with Fools
    Field of Screams
    Bannerhood: Men in tights
    Mister Irrelevant

    Glory Days
    Lombardi vs Lombardi
    LeBron Who?
    Fire Lake – Water World 2

    Cleveland North 80
    Factory of Sadness

  • Harv 21

    we’ll know how realistic it is if laconic Costner-voice says, “I get this town, it’s real and the people are real. It’s the uterus of football, where guys wear greasy ballcaps in the winter and their women have kankles. But the hardware mostly goes to places where December games are half-watched indoors by men with spray-tans, checking their ipads while their kids scream that the stadium’s sushi’s not sushi-grade.”

  • humboldt

    Phil Savage approves of Andrew Cuomo’s “F*** you, go film in Cleveland” email to the producers of Draft Day

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I got excited at the prospect of this movie until I realized that it’s Kevin Costner playing the main role. At least he’s not directing!

  • stryker1121

    Cool! I like a good horror flick now and again.

  • MrCleaveland

    Jeez, such cynicism here in the comments section! Things are turning around. Enjoy!

    Why just today, both Detroit and Buffalo have felt the castrating humiliation of Forest City dominance. Cleveland rocks!

  • humboldt

    Kenyon Coleman = dealbreaker

  • Jaker

    … I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone…

  • subadai


    Are we such a joke?

  • Jared in LA

    “Yes, it’s horrible…this idea”
    -Samir Naeenanaghai

  • Natedawg86

    In the worlds eyes, that is a victory for Cleveland

  • Harv 21

    dissing Dances is so 90s

  • eldaveablo

    Waterworld 2, Electric Boogaloo.

  • cmm13

    From behind the line and for the win!

  • zonk

    If Omar Epps replaces Wesley Snipes, does Jonah Hill get the role to replace Kevin Costner?

  • Jeremy_K

    You guys do realize the decade that happened to the Tribe after a similar type movie(s) were made, right? It sounds quirky, but count me in favor.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    This is the Browns’ “Major League” moment! And just like the Indians, the Browns will enter an era of prosperity as soon as the movie is released.

    Bring it on!!!

  • dan

    I can just imagine the plot of this movie. There’s a top-notch quarterback coming out in the draft, a consensus #1, but while the Browns need a QB the front office decides it’s more important that they trade down for three veteran role players and the opportunity to draft a guard, and then draft a QB in the 6th round who ends up never taking a snap in the pros.

  • Jay

    I am under the firm belief that every sequel title should end with ‘Electric Boogaloo’

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I was thinking more along the lines of The Postman, but that was in the 90’s too, so I guess I need some fresher material.

  • If he were locked in a bank vault why would he also be shuttled from safe house to safe house? You’re trying to hard…

  • Harv 21

    you two

  • mgbode

    so does Costner

  • JK

    I say if he doesn’t look too bad in the film we should really think about givin him a shot..

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Zing! In unrelated news, did you get a chance to record the VT/Duke game from last night? I thought it was the perfect microcosm for both Erick Green and for the VT season itself (strong early start, shaky middle, putrid end).

  • 330fosho

    I started a #hashtag on Twitter for all possible movie names: #BrownsMovieNames

  • 330fosho

    Rust Belt Revival

  • MrCleaveland

    There was a little-known sequel to “Dancing with Wolves” called “Slow Dancing with Sheep.” I think it went straight to video.

  • steve-o

    They could have saved themselves the trouble of writing a script or hiring actors and just filmed a documentary.

  • mgbode

    I have it saved. I am too tired to watch anything I want to pay attention to on Tuesday’s as I coach Little League from 5-8:30 and am wiped afterwards.

    oh, I did notice that he was 5/10 w/ 12pts 1ast 2rb at halftime when it was only a 3pt game. so, that helps matters as well (since VaTech gets blown out so often there is always a worry of stat-padding when things get out of proportion). interested in focusing on him and also doing a stat-dump on his 1st halfs at some point too.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    No rush, just interested to get your take from a draft status standpoint when you do get a chance.

  • JK

    I believe in Harvey Dent

  • JK

    Tutonka ^–^

  • I agree with you. Haslam’s looking for ways to lift the Browns’ prominence nationally. It started with that show on the Travel Channel.

  • Sounds like a stupid idea for a movie

  • Sorry C-Bus…That worked for Indians…It will take more than JoBoo to fix this rotten ship…

    But here’s hoping!

  • rtpinfla

    I bet Costner got it moved to Cleveland when he found out that playing the owner of the Browns meant he could get paid even if he stayed in LA the whole time. Don’t be suprised if he hires Wilford Brimly to come and do the acting on his behalf. Of course Brimly will be shouting “Don’t come to me for tickets to the Premiere!!” when the press asks why he never shows up for the scenes he’s supposed to be in.

  • It stars Keanu Reeves as the Rookie QB from Ohio State who at 39 took the team to an 0-16 season…. John Malkovich as the teams former Madden Coverstar RB who now hates the team, and hits on the coach’s wife.