Joe Banner says Colt McCoy won’t be cut

(Note: an earlier headline said “will compete for starting QB job” and that was speculation based on what Joe Banner said. I’ve updated the headline as such.)

Despite the fact that the Cleveland Browns signed Jason Campbell, the Browns will seemingly not cut loose Colt McCoy, at least not yet. Brandon Weeden will start the off-season at the top of the depth chart, but the Browns are saying right now that the best players will play. If Colt McCoy is the best quarterback, he’ll be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. At least that’s the message of Browns CEO Joe Banner as he makes the rounds on both ESPNCleveland and 92.3 The Fan this morning.

That’s a pretty good stance on a quarterback – even one with a suspect future – who makes less than $3 million like Colt McCoy. Despite the fact that many Browns fans continue to tell me Colt McCoy has no trade value, as long as he has a chance to put some pre-season performances together, there’s always a chance.

Or maybe Colt McCoy pulls off a miraculous feat and wins the starting quarterback job. Not at all likely, and the Browns aren’t likely to give McCoy much better a chance to win the job than Pat Shurmur and company did a year ago as they anointed Brandon Weeden.

Now about Jason Campbell…

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  • mgbode

    Colt McCoy isn’t the worst backup QB in the league. He should have “some” trade value. If Seattle trades Flynn to JAX, then why wouldn’t they want Colt as their backup in case something happens to Russell Wilson (best example, I think).

  • Garry_Owen

    Or maybe he meant “with another team.”

  • MrCleaveland

    Yep, Colt will be given every chance to win the starting job by showing how well he can lead his merry band of free agents and practice squad hopefuls.

  • Big Z

    If you’re talking about the interview on 850, then Banner didn’t actually say “McCoy will compete for a starting job” or even elude to it. He just said the best players will play. He even said he “wouldn’t call the [competition] between Campbell and Weeden ‘open’.”

  • Big Z

    I don’t even recall McCoy being specifically named in the interview.

  • BenRM

    i listened to both interviews with joe on the fan and knr, and i agree, this isn’t what banner said.

  • Dave

    When Colt started, he put up numbers that were in the middle of the pack for NFL quarterbacks right up until concussion-gate. While he’s no Bernie Kosar or Tom Brady, he’s a decent player, and a worthwhile trading chit.

    In other words, don’t treat McCoy like you might treat Charlie Frye.

  • MrCleaveland


  • mgbode

    ok, even taking out completely that Pitt game from 2011:
    57% 210yds/game 14TD 9INT (12games) 77QBrating 5.90YPA

    those are not league average stats. now, it’s not like Weeden was much better (and he was worse in INTs). I agree on him not being as bad as Frye though. Colt should have a decent career as a backup QB in this league.

  • FearTheRoo

    Every time we have a QB “competition” they all turn out to be terrible. Don’t expect this season to be any different.

  • Garry_Owen


  • Harv 21

    if Banner is saying stuff like this, wonder if the purpose is to make sure Weeden knows his work ethic/game preparation is being questioned. Not sure why a 29 year old rook QB wouldn’t have the requisite sense of urgency to study tape and develop a football IQ but maybe that’s the concern.

    As others have written, this new system and modest QB competition is teed up perfectly for him to succeed. If by season’s end he’s not clearly better than Campbell Norv will have the clarity necessary to cut bait and move on.

  • Wow

    I wonder if WTAM will cry about Banner not coming on their station.

  • I’ve updated the headline to be as accurate as possible. I really wasn’t trying to misstate what Banner said. Anyway, it’s updated. As of now he said Colt won’t be cut and that the best players will play.

  • Trivisonno sounded none too happy on WTAM this morning.

  • Wow

    He’s going to be real bitter now, the Browns don’t need that station.

  • maxfnmloans

    that’s a big change, normally he sounds like he’s choking on a ham sandwich

  • “apparently will seemingly not cut loose Colt McCoy” – Awkward statement.

  • If Banner says McCoy won’t be cut, McCoy will be cut.

  • skeesh

    is there a reason you’re so negative in EVERY post you make?

  • I don’t suppose you have any of what we call “facts” to support that Banner lies or misleads?

  • Garry_Owen

    Grudges are funny.

  • Porkchop

    ConCoachellasion? Connaroosion? Has anyone tapped into the head trauma music fearival market?

  • Have you been watching the same team we have?