Former Cavalier Mo Williams: “I’m a fan of Kyrie.”

Following Mo Williams’ first game back from injury since December 22nd, the former Cleveland point guard had nothing but positive things to say about Cavalier Kyrie Irving.

“Kyrie is Kyrie. He’s a hell of a basketball player. He’s one the better point guards in the league. He’s up there with the elite. I’m a fan of Kyrie. It’s fun to see his growth in this league. He is going to be special…His potential is astronomical.”

It was a tough night for Mo Williams, who missed a point blank lay-up that would have given the Jazz the lead with less than five seconds left, and then missed his chance at redemption when his three pointer missed the mark as well with just a second left.

Williams was surprised to see his lay-up roll off the rim like it did.

“I’ve never seen a lay-up come out like that. I haven’t seen the reply but that was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a lay-up even (while) practicing. I’ve shot a trillion lay-ups in my life but I’ve never missed one like that how it went in and came out.”

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  • JK

    Mo missin layups & clankin’ 3s? But it’s not the playoffs yet…

  • mgbode

    Mo should have simply said “You’re welcome Cleveland” when asked about Kyrie.

  • mgbode

    as for the game, anytime we can beat the Lakers chief rival for the 8seed while they are going on a 20-0 run to squeak out a victory against a terrible team, it’s a good day.

    Lakers now 1.5GB of Utah

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I heard today that Utah has the tie-breaker over the Lakers, so that sucks, but I still think it’s going to happen.

  • Harv 21

    Utah’s clutch go-to guy when the race gets tight is Mo Williams.
    Hear the Lakers also have a decent closer, too.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Mo-Gotti? Nice! They’re a shew-in!

  • ThatAlex

    What do you guys think about bringing Mo back as the backup PG for his next contract? He could do a great job in that role, I think.