Dolphins re-sign quarterback Matt Moore

Almost everyone who talks about the Browns this off-season indicates they think the Browns will bring in a quarterback to compete with Brandon Weeden. Well business just picked up for Derek Anderson.

The Dolphins signed their backup – and frequent Browns rumor victim – Matt Moore to a two-year deal to back up Ryan Tannehill. According to reports, the deal is worth $8 million.

So take a target off the dart board for the folks in Berea at midnight tonight when talks with free agents can begin, well, officially anyway.

Other targets not named Derek Anderson could still include Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell, Rex Grossman, Drew Stanton, A.J. Feeley and David Carr. Yes, I purposely left off Brady Quinn.

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  • If they bring in one of those guys I will gouge my eyes out, they are all terrible.

  • mgbode

    Matt Moore refused to bet on himself. If you are a backup QB in this class of FA QBs and draft prospects, then how can you not at least attempt to go somewhere you feel you will have a shot at starting?

    Unless he feels like Tannehill is about to fall on his face (which is quite possible as Tanny’s rookie year was about equivalent to Weeden’s)

  • Ever since we drafted DAII last year, I have been hoping they would bring back the Original DA. I cant wait to get these two giant, dimwitted, rocket armed, cement footed QBs back there together. My only question is, do you think Turner can find a way to get both of them on the field at the same time? If DA and DAII start together, is our streak of QB starters over, or will there be an asterisk?

  • simond

    is donovan mcnabb still available?

  • FearTheRoo

    With the list of QB’s you’ve named, the Browns are better off sticking with what we’ve got. If it doesn’t work out, pick a QB in the next draft. Signing a bad QB for this season isn’t going to do anything but take up a roster spot.

  • Jaker

    Well said

  • Jaker

    Bring in Chase Daniel for a bargain. Guys been learning under Brees and was a baller at Mizzou. Unless he has a really weak arm, which I’m not sure about.

    Still have to trade Colt, even if its just a mid rounder. We need picks.

  • JHop

    Brian Hoyer wouldn’t be that bad. Nice hometown guy who, unlike everyone else on that list, could conceivably start somewhere someday in the NFL.

  • TSR3000

    I think all the Weeden bashing has been a smokescreen. I think the front office knows our options are limited and BW has promise. We will beef up the D and let Chud amp up the O.

  • Woods

    I will keep beating the drum for Nick Foles.

    He probably doesn’t fit in a Chip Kelly offense, but would get a fair chance in Cleveland.

    Bring him in when he gets released, or proactively trade Colt McCoy, who has a very slim chance to succeed in Chud’s offense, in exchange for Foles. (The flaw in my trade is the new Philly OC – Shurmur.)

  • Wow

    Brian Hoyer!?!

  • Wow

    Are you basing that off of 1 good season in high school?