Cleveland Indians option Trevor Bauer, Scott Barnes and Corey Kluber to minors

The Indians today optioned several players to the minors, including three pitchers who were vying for the fifth spot in the rotation-

Scott Kazmir was certainly the leader in the clubhouse for the fifth spot, but with the moves today optioning Trevor Bauer, Scott Barnes and Corey Kluber, it all but guarantee the spot belongs to Kazmir.

Bauer of course was the centerpiece of the trade that sent Choo to the Reds and netted the Indians Drew Stubbs and Bauer. In his spring start yesterday, Bauer was roughed up a bit by the Angels. He struggled mightily in the third inning and did not come back out for the fourth, though he was scheduled to pitch five. He gave up four runs, three of them earned and walked three.

Bauer has not had the consistency that the Indians would have needed to see for him to make the opening day roster. For the spring he has a 4.5 ERA with 9 strikeouts and 4 walks. Kazmir has been lights out this spring. He has yet to give up a run in Cactus League play.

Scott Barnes has also pitched well this spring. He will start the season in Columbus and certainly get an opportunity to fill in as the Indians need starting pitching down the road this season.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    No need to rush Bauer at this point plus I like Kazmir making the rotation, hopefully. You might need Bauer in case Jimenez or Masterson go south again anyways.

  • woofersus

    No surprises here. Bauer would have had to be completely overpowering to have a shot. He was rushed by Colorado and needs to spend more time in AAA. Even if our starters struggle I bet they don’t even consider bringing him up until after the All-Star break. (unless he’s completely blowing people away down there I guess) Kluber and Carrasco have options, and Kazmir has done everything possible to earn a spot.

  • cmm13

    I’m thinking Bauer is called up to replace either Myers or Kazmir.

    I expect one of them off the tracks before Terry yanks Masteron or Ubaldo.

  • nj0

    Colorado breaks pitchers. He needs some time in the minors.

    Fingers crossed on Kazmir.

  • nj0

    Myers is going to have to be pretty horrible for us to not let him pitch at $7M a year. Think Derek Lowe pitching til August.

  • ThatAlex

    Wasn’t Bauer drafted by Arizona, not Colorado?

  • architrance

    Colorado=Arizona I guess.

  • woofersus

    Eh, well using this time/space phantom reverser I’ve invented…..

    Actually it was a slip of the tongue via keyboard. I had just finished reading the article on Jiminez and my brain was still a mile high. You are correct sir. I’m tempted to edit my original comment to save face, but then it would make the rest of you look silly in response, so I’ll just live with it.