Cleveland Browns current cap space $28.7 million

The Browns got busy this off-season with Desmond Bryant and Paul Kruger on reasonably large deals. They followed that up with a few more smaller signings, but it hasn’t come anywhere close to exhausting the space the Browns have available. According to Mike Florio and his cohorts at ProFootballTalk, the Cleveland Browns still have $28.7 million available in cap space.

That puts the Browns second in the entire NFL behind the Bengals. Here are the top five.

Bengals:  $28.9 million.

Browns:  $28.7 million.

Buccaneers:  $28.8 million.

Jaguars:  $26.6 million.

Eagles:  $26.3 million.

I wouldn’t expect the Browns to finish the off-season anywhere near that obviously. The Browns will have to sign their draft picks and it is also reasonable to assume a current Brown like Alex Mack or T.J. Ward could see an extension that makes a meaningful impact on the salary cap for 2013. As we’ve continually pointed out this off-season, Joe Banner appears to be front-loading deals when he has cap available to do so.

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  • JHop

    I would love a breakdown of the Bucs salary cap situation. How do they grossly overpay for Nicks, Wright, and Jackson last year, overpay for Goldson this year, and still have nearly $29 million in cap space? Is everyone else on their team working for free?

  • Henry Brown

    They had about 56 million last year

  • Dfelder

    Why would tj ward get an extension? Is he anything other than average ?

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Um, looks like the Bucs have more cap space by $0.1M. Typo?

  • mgbode

    he made SI’s All-Pro team at SS (best in NFL)

    he was listed by pro-football-focus as the 3rd ranked SS

    he’s considered by most to be among the top SS’s in the game. not sure why Browns’ fans haven’t embraced him more to be honest. He can be a liability in coverage, but most SS’s in today’s game can be. their job is to provide run support, blitz, and cause havoc. Ward is among the best at it.

    the 4th and 1 stuff of SD was one of my favorite plays from last year too.

  • Jaker

    Also considered the best run defending defensive back in the NFL. That’s no joke.

  • saggy

    I was actually beginning to wonder about myself because I really like Ward. Couldn’t figure out why so many Browns fans think he stinks.

  • see this. some backloaded contract shenanigans in play. eg, vincent jackson counts 850k this year, 10mm/yr next three. nicks is 700k this year; 7mm/yr next three.

  • Hopwin

    Because he takes himself out of too many plays by taking awful angles for tackles. On the plus side he does get a ton of tackles unfortunately they are all 4-5 yards back from the line of scrimmage. Other than a big hit in his first Steelers game he is not a positive impact player.

  • I really like what Banner is doing with the cap space (hard to give him a compliment after letting Dawson go). He is front-loading contracts NOW while we have the cap space; it will ensure the team has to make less cap-saving moves in coming years like many other teams in the NFL have had to do.

  • RGB

    Even Ed Reed would struggle in a backfield were every wide receiver (not covered by Haden) runs free at will…

  • mgbode

    how often do you want your SS making plays closer than 4-5 yds from the LOS? and again, I referenced the 4th and 1 in the SD game where he stoned the guy at the LOS and we got the ball.

    Hmmm, a bunch of run-blitzes in this package where he’s stoning the guy, blocked kicks, batted passes:

    doesn’t even include 2012 season.

  • Garry_Owen

    Paging Kerry Rhodes. Paging Kerry Rhodes.

  • Hopwin

    With the rookie wage scale in the new CBA the $28M won’t be impacted in any significant way by the draft.

  • Hopwin

    I don’t think you understand the role of the Strong Safety. He is supposed to play the line and stop the run. If your SS is making plays 4-5 yards back that means he is horribly out of position, isn’t stopping the run and is instead chasing after plays that got by him.
    I cannot pull up your youtube link to see what you are talking about but I will take your word that someone has pieced together three years of play time into a minute long highlight reel.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I would have loved to have found out. Reed at free safety, Ward at strong safety with Haden and Milliner at the corners. Yes it was a dream.

  • mgbode

    or they run to the other side of the field
    or they line up Ward deeper and they run on a passing down
    not to mention the package showed many times (and did not include 2012 – his best year) how he gets into the backfield for tackles.

    Ward is one of the best SS in the NFL. lot’s of non-Cleveland analysts see it.

  • nj0

    I couldn’t agree more. I have seen many plays where he is so out of position he can’t even make a play. He also takes bad routes to the carrier (see Jamaal Charles 80 yard run). On top of that, he is bad in coverage.

    He can make plays though and he is still young/learning. I don’t think he’s terrible, but he has obvious flaws in his game.

  • nj0
  • mgbode


    eh, it’s BR but it’s yet another place that has him as a top5 safety (ranked #4 there).

  • Garry_Owen

    Look at you! Arguing logic and realism in the face of raw statistics!

    I’m so proud.

  • nj0

    man, bleacher report? does your kid’s school newspaper not have a website yet?

  • mgbode

    PFF and SI weren’t good enough apparently, so I figured I’d stoop to the level of conversation 😉

    yes, that’s joking. but, most sites don’t start listing their “top” lists until July for the NFL. it’s all “free agent lists” and “draft lists” right now and those do not help here.

  • mgbode


    well, PFF is stat-based. and I gave actual video evidence 🙂

  • nj0

    Peter King loves Ward. That’s enough to make me wary.

  • cmm13

    thanks for pointing out the fact that Ward is Strong Safety, not a Free Safety.
    I think many people forget that about him.

  • mgbode

    well, the only other Brown’s players he seems to like at all are Thomas, Mack and DQ. So, his track record isn’t too bad on us 🙂

    (it’s not like his opinions are his own. he just takes a consensus from the NFL personnel guys he is friends with around the league)

  • nj0

    All I know is what I see. And Ward misses way too many plays to be elite. As a safety, you can’t completely whiff on tackles like he did with Charles and be elite or top five. You have to make that play.

  • mgbode

    if he did it alot, then I’d agree. but, he is a more sure tackler than you give him credit for IMO.

  • nj0

    I think he is a solid player. I just think the holes in his game are significant enough. I’d describe as being great on 90% of plays, but terrible on 10%.

  • Garry_Owen

    Say it with me:

    “Stats lie!”

  • mgbode

    Stats don’t lie. People use stats to lie.

  • hopwin

    The strong safety is called the strong safety because he lines up defenisively against the strong side of the offensive formation.

  • mgbode

    and an offense is allowed to run to the weak side of the formation