Byron Scott on Dion Waiters’ return: “I don’t think he’s even close”

Bad news gets worse for the falling-apart Cavaliers. From today’s Akron Beacon Journal about the status of Dion Waiters’ knee, here’s Byron Scott via beat writer Jason Lloyd:

“I don’t think he’s even close. I’m just going by what I’ve seen,” Scott said. “Every time [team physical therapist George Sibel] touched it this morning, [Waiters] seemed to be making all these moves like it was hurting. Just from that, I don’t think it’s close.”

Back on March 19, we shared that Waiters’ injury could need surgery to heal. He last played the day before against the Indiana Pacers, but left after playing the entirety of the first quarter.

In last Tuesday’s update, the Cavs determined that Waiters had small, loose cartilage fragments in his knee. He is undergoing additional observations and examinations and is being evaluated for proper next steps early this week.

His treatment plan could potentially include the removal of said loose cartilage via arthroscopic knee surgery, which would end his season. According to Lloyd in the Beacon Journal, Scott said there still remains to predetermined date for final decisions on Waiters’ possible surgery or return to the court.

Over the course of his rookie season, the 21-year-old from Syracuse is averaging 14.7 points, 3.0 assists and 2.4 rebounds in 57 games. He ranks second among rookies in both points per game and third in assists. After a largely inefficient star to the year, he had showed signs of significant improvement in 2013.

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  • JNeids

    Tanks for the update

  • mgbode

    yes, I read that as “too many teams are bunched up near the top of the lottery to risk bringing him back”

  • Lunch

    Still, why do I have a feeling that Grant will “reach” again this year?

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    by “reach” you mean pick someone who is not listed as highly on mock drafts but proves on the actual court to have been worth that pick based on performance against the draft class?

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    I might be ready for a tin foil hat, but that exactly what I though when I read the headline.

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