Ben Cox talks Cavs, Browns and disc golf – WFNY Podcast – 2013-03-28

WFNY Podcast LogoBen Cox and I went live pretty much right after the Cavs lost. Ben was driving home, so he heard the radio call. I was watching on TV and interacting with you all on Twitter. Here’s how it all went down.

  • Moral victories stink.
  • Doc Rivers and how I used to think he was bad
  • Injuries happen, but losing doesn’t have to.
  • Cavs crowds.
  • What would Dan Gilbert tell you to do with all this losing?
  • Basketball fans skew young. Why is that?
  • The Spurs and their inimitable style.
  • Frisbee golf! Disc golf!

And much much more…

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  • carl

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  • MSkog

    A couple of comments:

    1. I hope Craig doesn’t have a dog. If he does, it got kicked last night.

    2. I noticed a turning point on the “moral victory” crowd last night on twitter. It was pretty quit and starting to turn bitter. I noticed it distinctly last night but I think the Heat lost was the spark. Byron Scott was catching hell yesterday and deservedly so. These collapses, blowouts and crushing losses are taking their toll. I understand the plan but this is wearing thin on me, and, the people I follow online.

    3. I think the 3-4 switch is more than a vanity project. I didn’t think that in the beginning but I do now. Joe Banner helped changed my views on that. I heard him discuss the need for QB pressures and how it’s becoming one of the more important analytical stats in the NFL these days. He and Horton believe an aggressive, attacking 3-4 D is the key to getting to the QB. I think he said in was one of the most common statistical constants among playoff & Super Bowl contenders.

    4. Good job guys. I enjoyed it. Angry bitter Craig was fun.

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