WFNY Podcast – 2013-02-26 Scott Raab talks Cleveland sports, Warren Zevon and more

WFNY Podcast LogoI stuttered like a fool to open the podcast this week. Scott Raab is a pretty regular guy who sets you at ease, but I still managed to stutter right into the opening just the same like a nervous Nelly. Anyway, after letting him laugh at me, Scott and I spent a nice amount of time discussing the news of the day in longer form.

Of course, to keep up with Scott Raab you can follow him on Twitter. Of course if you haven’t read The Whore of Akron yet, you should buy it and read it.

Here’s a more detailed rundown…

  • Fan expectations of teams aren’t demanding enough
  • The Browns and what they should be aiming to do this season
  • New regimes and windows
  • The NBA and how rebuilding there is a razor’s edge
  • The culture of the NBA and less than max effort
  • Scott’s experience watching the Clippers in L.A. last week
  • The Cavs and their lack of defensive (ahem) intensity
  • Byron Scott and his role in the state of the Cavs
  • Warren Zevon, recovery and quitting quitting
  • Scott weighs in on the Cleveland Indians pitcher lifeboat

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  • Woods

    That was a very entertaining podcast. It would be great if you could schedule Scott Raab as a recurring guest. Thanks.

  • Harv 21

    Inspired choice, Craig, and you did a very good job interviewing him. Love Raab’s stuff, but was surprised how pleasant he is speaking given how sharp and deadly a pen he wields.

    Glad to hear him calling out Byron on the defensive effort, and agree 100%. Every NBA coach talks D, but you know pretty quick if they know how to teach it or if they demand it. The scrubs will play it to stay on the team when necessary, the bench will do it if that’s what it takes to start, the starters will play it to stay starters. If that’s what’s demanded. Not on this team; if you play defense here it’s already in you.

  • ThatAlex

    Scott Raab is pretty good, unless he’s talking about basketball. He admits he doesn’t regularly watch Cavs games anymore, and he fails to understand the new CBA and what the Cavs are trying to do long-term.

  • Great stuff, Craig. Perfect blend of sports with metaphysics to go with a captivating guest.

  • Steve

    I don’t get why anyone listens to Raab anymore, or to begin with for that matter. Sure, he is as passionate as anyone else, but he proves time and time again that he has no freaking clue what he is talking about.

    When we need a mentally unstable person to go on a crazed rant, he’s your man. When you want to talk intelligently about sports, he’s not.