WFNY Podcast – 2013-02-11 – Ben Cox debuts to talk basketball, twitter and traffic trolling

WFNY Podcast LogoBen Cox makes his podcasting debut with a splendid World of Warcraft headset that he bought just for the occasion.

  • LeBron in 2014
  • Terry Pluto’s adage about not letting millionaires ruin your day
  • The Cavaliers building process and whether or not it is fair to fans
  • Not letting LeBron own Cleveland with free agency rumor and innuendo
  • Twitter etiquette and getting to know people in real life
  • The “everything sucks” way of the non-sports twitterverse
  • Avoiding the Grammy talk on Twitter
  • The Sandy relief concert Twitter blowout
  • Mutton chops
  • Whether or not keywords like “Kate Upton Body Paint” helps podcast listenership
  • Making fun of ourselves and whether or not advertising is truly for stupid people
  • Gregg Popovich and whether his move to sit players was defensible
  • Competition vs. Entertainment and the NBA business model
  • One time Ben had his mutton chops referred to as “side whiskers”
  • Yes, I accidentally called them pork chops (I was getting tired.)
  • Etc
  • Etc
  • etc

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