Tribe signs Jason Giambi to a minor league contract

The Cleveland Indians have signed left handed slugger Jason Giambi to a minor league contract with a non-roster invitation to Spring Training. Giambi, 42, has spent the last four seasons with the Colorado Rockies as a part time player and pinch hitter.

Appearing in 60 games for Colorado in 2012, Giambi hit .225 with 1 HR, 4 2B and 20 walks while his season was cut short with a hernia to his right groin. The last time Giambi was in the American League was in 2009, when he began the year in Oakland.

The signing of Giambi, the 2000 AL MVP and five time All-Star (none since 2004) , should put to rest the rumors of the Tribe’s pursuit of Jim Thome for a third go-round in Cleveland.

Giambi, an 18 year veteran, is eighth among active players with 429 home runs and owns a career average of .280. In 2007, Giambi was one of 89 players named in the Mitchell Report, Major League Baseball’s formal investigation into steroid use among Major League players (Giambi has publicly apologized for using performance drugs).

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  • historycat

    Why? what is the best realistic outcome here?

  • JNeids

    He gets Pronk’s old locker and finds a hidden stash?

  • Kildawg

    Doubt Giambi makes the roster and retires due to injury. McGuiness might learn from Giambi though (not just hitting but also on avoiding steroids).

  • historycat

    Right, so if he’s not going to produce in the majors, and he’s probably going to retire, why make the move? Is there a minor league team that really needs him to step out of the dug out and wave his little hat in the air?

  • cmm13

    Now there’s the Tribe front office we know!

    Honestly, it’s a nothing move that costs zilch.

    Nothing to see here people, please disperse.

  • geomac1320

    This move seems as worthless as tits on a bull. You mean to tell me that knowone in the minor league system could swing a better bat than a burnt out ex-roid freak? That seems like the team is reaching in repairing a broken fan base by putting another “name” in the dugout. But with all that said maybe he was brought in for some veteran leadership in the clubhouse. Maybe he can be like Trot Nixon was back on 07. You know running around smashing the whip cream pie plate or the shaving cream towel on players during interviews……


    Nothing wrong with this move. If they catch lightning in a bottle, we’ll be happy. If not, no big deal. Dude gets on base often, which makes him different from many other aging big bat types.

  • dwhit110

    I love how the bitter trolls come out to complain after moves like this. It’s not even low risk, it’s *no* risk. Give it a rest.

  • simond

    he tried to get the manager job in colorado this off season

  • mgbode

    no doubt. you take as many of these flier contracts as you can get. the only risk is that they come tear it up in March only to get injured once their contract vests in April.
    Dice-K, Giambi, etc. My only issue is if the hope of one of these guys prevents the signing of someone more likely to help. But, it doesn’t look like that is the case at this point.

  • Matt S

    Best realistic outcome is that he gets around 200 plate appearances as a part-time DH while costing next-to-nothing, and is more effective in that role than, say, Chris McGuinness.

  • mgbode

    actually, best realistic outcome is that McGuinness renders all DH discussion moot and starts raking.

  • Adam

    Very interesting thoughts