Rob Chudzinski to speak for Browns at combine

Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan reports that Michael Lombardi will not speak to the press on behalf of the Browns at the combine. The Browns instead will opt to have head coach Rob Chudzinski speak for the team. The Browns always said they wanted a coach to be very involved in personnel, and in one of the first opportunities, they appear to be proving it.

In the end, it probably means very little in determining who has the power in the personnel department, but it is at least symbolic early that the coach won’t just be a bystander. Either that or they’re looking to extend the grace period for Lombardi as he continues to try and separate himself from his most recent media past that already had him commenting on this upcoming draft.

No matter who is speaking for the Browns, I expect them to reveal very little. The team has a good amount of time to mold the current roster via free agency before the draft itself. Common thought around media circles (of which Lombardi was recently a big part) is that the Browns will look to address defense, specifically the pass rush, with their first draft pick this year.

We’ll see, of course, but I’ll wait a bit before I start slotting names onto the mock boards.

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  • C-Bus Kevin

    Getting psyched about this season. If nothing else, I think the Browns will put up some points with Chudd at the helm. So glad the dink and dunk days are most likely behind us (I hope).

  • Harv 21

    I think it’s your option #2, they’re going to try and get the skull and crossbones off Lombardi by reducing his exposure until there’s something positive to talk about. The combine would be a ripe time for smart alec draft nerds to start bringing up his drafting record and old comments about players.

    Just wonder where Lombardi will be professionally if they don’t have a very solid draft, since local fans are already suspicious. Won’t be pretty.