NFL Rumor: Browns do not consider Colt McCoy a ‘viable starting option’

In his latest column, long-time Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto says that the Cleveland Browns do not consider former starter Colt McCoy a “viable starting option” for the vertical offense employed by newly hired head coach Rob Chudzinski.

Wherein both McCoy and last year’s starter Brandon Weeden were shoe-horned into the West Coast under-center offense, Pluto writes that Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner are considerably more open to shotgun-based formations..

Of the 39 QBs examined by the popular stat-based website Profootballfocus, only Houston’s Matt Schaub (34 percent) threw a lower percentage of his passes from the shotgun than Cleveland’s Weeden. The rookie was more effective from the shotgun — where he played in college — with a QB rating of 79.1 with eight touchdown passes and seven interceptions. Under center, it was 67.7 with six TDs and 10 picks. Pluto adds that Weeden’s league-leading 25 passes batted down is partly due to being so often under center, where he’s closer to the defensive linemen as he releases the ball in timing patterns.

The Browns are expected to bring in competition for Brandon Weeden, so it would make sense for McCoy to be dangled as trade bait — whether or not he was “dangled” a season ago is unknown. Thanks to escalators in his contract, McCoy is owed $2.325 million in 2013.

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  • SDA

    why is it something so obvious was so overlooked? Good luck Philly

  • gren

    I’m glad it was Terry who broke the story, it finally puts some closure on the Colt McCoy story to me.

    Good luck wherever you land Colt, hopefully you put it all together and show us all we were wrong.

  • Wow

    You know this offense may be perfect for Weeden.

  • Harv 21

    – They very well may try to trade Colt. But deciding he’s not a viable starter doesn’t mean he’s not a viable back-up, especially if the cap hit is right. If your team is at all decent there will probably be a drop-off between your starting QB and the second stringer. Colt may be better than another guy as an injury or blow out fill-in.

    – Given his connections, If Pluto says he hears something like this it is properly called a “rumor.” I hope WFNY stops calling hypotheticals that Grossi shares “rumors'” when he doesn’t say he heard anything but says instead stuff like “you’d have to say …” Call those something else, maybe “grossis.”

  • mgbode

    honestly, at this point, I’m assuming that we are bringing in Derek Anderson to teach Weeden Chud’s offense during the coaches blackout period (lasts until the draft). and, I would like to think that they will throw a mid-round pick at a QB to groom (EJ Manuel is my choice).

    That means there is no room for Colt. I agree he is a viable backup. Especially for a WCO team. Hopefully, KC is willing to part with a 6th rounder for him to backup Alex Smith? (that allows them to draft Joeckel #1 overall – their best case scenario really)

  • mgbode

    it worked for Blazing Saddles, err Derek Anderson

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Can’t say I am surprised… I didn’t think Colt was a good fit for the new offense and I didn’t think they would keep him around as a backup when Chud and Norv have their own guys they can put in place (Welcome back DA… I guess). I know it’s still not set in stone that he would be leaving, but I think the writing is on the wall. The people who loved him and drafted him (Mangini, Daboll, and Heckert) are not currently in positions where they can influence a team to pick him up, so I am not expecting the Browns to get much, if anything, for him.

  • Kildawg

    The Jets might cough up a 4th or 5th and try to throw in Tebow. Which begs the question if Tebow could have a role in Chud and Norv’s offense (Wildcat QB, Goal-line/short yardage QB)?

  • Harv 21

    idea of Derek teaching anyone anything makes me giggle, seeing as the mental aspects of the game have never been his strength. Keep envisioning his Oh No! post-pick hands on helmet and his post-game interview meltdown.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’d love Weeden/Anderson together since I get particular enjoyment out of believing they are the same player Weeden is just the 2.0 version. That being said I sure hope you are wrong. I’d rather sign a backup or take a shot at drafting someone. Perhaps Manuel who I believe you were high on in past comments. If he could be drafted with a 4th round pick or later I’d much prefer that to Anderson.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I can’t imagine why the new coaches would have any interest in Tebow. Other then he can run, sometimes, he doesn’t throw, at all. I’d rather draft (see above), sign or just keep McCoy.

  • If we draft a QB this year in the later rounds I’d much rather have Matt Scott instead of Ej Manuel by far.

  • Bryan

    “Browns Do Not Consider Noodle-Armed QB with Questionable Accuracy a Viable Option as Starter”

    Phew….. Lombardi passes the first sanity check.

  • Jaker

    I love what you said about Pluto vs Grossi. I was thinking the same Thing!!! Thank you

  • Jaker

    Trade Colt for a 3rd rounder. And with that 3rd rounder, take a QB… I like EJ Manuel, which I know a few of you like as well.

    At the NFL, you can’t teach Arm strength, Mobility or Size, but you CAN teach field vision, decision making, ball security and intelligence (EJ’s weaker points). This is why I like Manuel. The things he excels in are the ones you need at the next level( strength, speed, size), and the things he needs help with or seasoning with are most definitely fixable at the NFL. IF (BIG IF) he is given time to learn and a solid QBC, OC and HC (which i believe we have), I think he can develop into the QB that Chud likes. Only thing I’m not sure about is EJ’s ability in bad weather, something he will need in CLE, and something that should not be taken lightly.

  • Jaker

    I like EJ as well, I just posted about him as well



  • mgbode

    unless they take-in Tebow knowing they will only utilize him in short-yardage situations or as a H-back. if Tebow is on-board with that, then i’d be open to the idea.

    Chud did wonders in short-yardage with Cam as his QB afterall.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Yea no thanks I think the last thing this team needs is Tebow drama not to mention a guy who can only play in gimmicky offenses.

    I think Cam Newton would be highly offended if anyone thought Tebow could do anything remotely like him.

  • mgbode

    Tebow can run short-yardage like Cam.

    But, it’s fair to not want the Tebow drama. I do think he can play in non gimmicky offenses as a H-Back though. Tebow has to want to do that though. Not sure if he’s willing to give-up on being a QB.

  • Sam

    Nobody with a brain would give up a third rounder for Colt McCoy.

  • mgbode

    Holmgren just revoked your playoff tickets.

  • Sam

    and traded them for Matt Hasslebeck.

  • mgbode

    hey, everybody needs a fishing buddy and it’s salmon time in the North Pacific

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Short yardage is where the comparisons end but seriously I don’t know who Cam would take more offense with being compared to Tebow or that little kid in the Play 60 commercial who wanted to not only replace Cam with the Panthers but become Cam’s mothers favorite player!

  • mgbode

    yes, short-yardage running is where it ends and I never meant to imply otherwise.

  • Jaker

    Very true, I forgot to include the “package idea” meaning Colt and a 6th for a 3rd. Who knows?

  • Wow

    Well said Harv. Grossi is a blogger, let’s stop pretending he’s a beat writer.

  • Too bad Shurmur went to the Eagles and is too stupid to know how to use Colt (or anyone, for that matter). I could see Chip+Colt minus Shurmur wrecking people all the way to the NFC Championship (Super Bowl the next year).

  • Larry Henderson

    Please trade Colt. Be gracious and give him an opportunity to showcase his skills somewhere else, because I believe he is a winner.

  • micronot

    Jimmy Haslem, the OWNER of the team said “Colt McCoy is definitely in our future plans”. To me, that sounds like the Browns plan to keep McCoy.

  • See McNamara’s article on Bleacher Report “Highest Trade Values on Browns’ Roster” to see what someone with a brain has to say.

  • So it doesn’t have a play book? It calls for most plays thrown behind the line of scrimmage? Doesn’t require reading defenses and finding open receivers? Doesn’t require any throws over 20 yards?

    If so, it’s perfect for Weeden. Check ESPN to find Weeden completes only 21% of his passes over 20 yards and has his best completion percentage for passes behind the LOS.