NFL Rumor: Miami QB Matt Moore to test free agent market; Norv Turner a fan

Buried at the bottom of this Miami Herald piece is a tidbit that Browns fans may find interesting. Barry Jackson writes-

“Several Dolphins people, including Ryan Tannehill, have reached out to Matt Moore, hoping he will re-sign. Keep in mind that Cleveland offensive coordinator Norv Turner is a big fan of Moore, who will test free agency to see if there’s a starting job available in a situation that’s appealing to him. But he hasn’t ruled out coming back to Miami. Kyle Orton earns – on average – $3.5 million per year to back up Tony Romo in Dallas, so quality backup quarterbacks like Moore aren’t cheap.”

Reportedly, Norv Turner wanted the Chargers to sign Moore in San Diego as a back-up to Philip Rivers, but Moore opted to re-sign with Miami in order to compete for the starting spot.

Moore has appeared in 45 games over the course of his five year career. He is 13-12 in his 25 starts with 33 touchdowns and 26 interceptions. At 28 years old, he is younger than Brandon Weeden.

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  • me’h.

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  • meh. PS. Every article about a prospective free agent QB MUST mention their age with respect to Weeden’s (one year older or younger is particularly meaningful). It never gets old!

  • Bryan

    This type of signing would make a lot more sense than the non-sensical “rumors” about high-priced vets like Flacco, Smith, Vick, etc…. Moore is not going to come in and lead us to the Superbowl, but he offers nice protection in the event that Weeden does not progress under the Turner/Chud system.

    Given the lack of elite young QB prospects in the draft, and given that this team is still at least a year away from contention, I think investing in a solid veteran backup and letting he and Weeden compete (while keeping resources free to fill other holes – CB, LB, vet WR) makes a ton of sense.

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    “Brett Favre is once again mulling over whether or not to come out of retirement. One team in need of an experienced quarterback are the Cleveland Browns, whose current QB, Brandon Weeden, is only 12 years younger than Favre.”

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    ditto every word

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    Accurate headline sighting – woohoo!! Doesn’t state Browns Rumored to be Pursuing Moore, or Rumor: Moore to Browns, or leap to any additional conclusion or connection other that the two separate rumors.

    TY TY, TY. Accuracy: it’s a beautiful thing.

  • I like this rumor more than the Derek Anderson one that was floating around last month. This is clearly not a move to resolve the Brandon Weeden situation, but it gives the team competent no. 2.

  • Are passive-aggressive points on sale today? Scooping them up like crazy.

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    love your stuff, but shouldn’t this be on the other thread?
    [kiiiidding 🙂 ]

  • If only “threads” existed here…

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  • Trade Weeden for a 5th or high 6th round pick. Cut Colt. Sign DA and Matt Moore to compete for a starting job/back each other up. We haven’t tried fielding all backup QBs for a few seasons. This gives us the best chance to win because the coaches are familiar with them.