Haslam: I will remain “heavily involved” in Browns’ decisions

I want to assure everybody I’m more excited today about having the opportunity to own the Cleveland Browns — which is a very distinct and rare privilege — as I’ve ever been. I still plan on being heavily involved in all key Browns decisions. My time in Cleveland is not going to change at all. During the season we’re there a day or two a week and we’re there on weekends or wherever we’re playing. We’ll be very active and very visible during training camp and we’re obviously going to be there a lot during the free agency and draft periods which are obviously so important to the future of the Browns. […] We’re going to be there as much as we need to be to insure success. We feel great about the team we’ve put in place but we’re still going to be highly involved and I think you saw how much we were there from August to December. We’re going to have a big presence in Cleveland.

— Cleveland Browns majority owner Jimmy Haslam III in an exclusive interview with Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Haslam, earlier this week, became the CEO of the Tennessee-based Pilot Flying J, a position from which he had resigned in the fall of 2012. Haslam owns a home on Cleveland’s east side and recently became a member of The Cleveland Clinic board of directors. Haslam stated that he will not be at th NFL combine, but had no plans of attending the event prior to this week’s announcment. He stated that he will help decide on all key player acquisitions in free agency, trades and the draft, April 25-27.

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    It’s about quality, not quantity.

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