NFL News: Browns’ Mack and Lauvao to cash in on contract incentives

A pair of Cleveland Browns offensive linemen will reportedly receive a slightly bigger payday in 2013 after hitting incentives that were a part of their original rookie contracts with the team.

Center Alex Mack’s 2013 base salary increased from $1.332 million to $3.732 million (not including a $1.8 million roster bonus) after the player hit games-played escalators in his rookie deal, while guard Shaun Lauvao reportedly saw his salary jump $575,000 to $1.323 million for similar reasons.

Mack has been the model of consistency since entering the league as 21st-overall pick in 2009 — the team traded down from fifth overall when then New York Jets set their sights on quarterback Mark Sanchez. He has never missed a start in 64 games. Pro Football Focus’ listed Mack as their ninth-best center in 2012, a year after checking in at the No. 10 spot. Mack originally signed a five-years, $12.20 million ($8.3 guaranteed) with the Browns. He made $1.90 million in 2012 making him the 21st-highest paid at his position, making him one of the best “bargains” in the league.

Lauvao, a third-round selection in 2010, has started all 32 games over the last two seasons. He signed for four years and $2.85 million with the Browns. He made $540k in 2012.

Both players are entering the final year of their rookie contract. It would seem that Mack would be a candidate for an offseason extension similar to Joe Thomas two years prior. The Browns have been linked to upgrades at the guard position following the loss of Jason Pinkston (blood clot) in 2012.

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  • Natedawg86

    Lock Mack up. Do it

  • Mack is going to get a new deal very soon IMO, so he’ll be getting a much bigger payday than this contract escalator.

  • LaundroMat

    “…the team traded down from fifth overall when
    then New York Jets set their sites on quarterback Mark Sanchez. He has
    never missed a start in 64 games”


  • Vindictive_Pat

    “The Browns have been linked to upgrades at the guard position following the loss of Jason Pinkston (blood clot) in 2012…”

    As well as the decidedly poor play of Shaun Lauvao.

  • Jaker

    We have to spend money, give Mack the contract. I swear if Lombardi makes him play this year as an impending free agent I’m gunna lose it. Mack likes Cleveland, Cleveland likes Mack, he’s good. Sign him

  • Harv 21

    Mack deserves some sort of escalator just for playing through an appendicitis attack that required post-game emergency surgery. One tough hombre.

    Really hope the o-line is not an area where Banner implements his well-known younger/cheaper-is-better cap techniques. That would be the quickest way to undermine the promised explosive offensive.

  • DontbringLBJback

    Much bigger pay day than 5.5 million? How much is he going to get? 3.75 mil plus 1.8 mil roster bonus is a pretty sweet deal for a center in the NFL.

  • DontbringLBJback

    3.75 million makes him the highest paid center in the league. Do you think he’s gonna complain about that? Plus the 1.8 mil roster bonus. He’s doing pretty well for himself.

  • Kildawg

    It should be a deal that is very similar to the one Joe Thomas signed two years prior. Now, if Mack could reach more Pro-Bowls, that would be awesome.

  • DontbringLBJback

    Thomas is an OT. The top OT’s make big money. Center’s don’t. Look up the numbers… Mack is being paid top money right now. Let’s not go crazy because we don’t want to lose the guy. And it’s not like TRich had gaping holes to run through up the middle!

    Same thing with Dawson… Love the guy, but we can’t spend 5 mil on the guy just because we love the dude. There are top notch kickers making 2-3 mil, who are NOT 38 YEARS OLD. (Bironas, Tynes, Nugent) We’ll have to let him go if he won’t sign a lesser deal.

    Ditto for Cribbs.

  • theOtherJimBrown

    People saying that Luvao’s play was horrible is just plain wrong. 80% of all running plays were run behind him this past year. With that kind of confidence put in him from a professional football coaching team, he must not be all that bad. We must take into consideration that TR was injured most of the season and this was Shurmer calling the plays. When Hardesty came in, he also was sent behind Luvao most of the time and looked much better than in the past.
    Can we use an upgrade to pass protection?…probably. Can we use some more depth at both guard positions?…absolutely.
    We also must consider that Luvao was handling this load as a second year player. He had to become whipped at some point of the season. That’s a hell of a beating he’s taken and still did not miss a start.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Come on guy… there’s is no way that 80% of run plays for the Browns were behind Lauvao. I would love to know where that stat comes from. Here’s the review of the 2012 Browns line from Pro Football Focus… notice who they list as their “dud” on the line.


    “Dud: You can get by with players like Shawn Lauvao (-7.3) when the rest of your line is so good.”

  • EnabledVet

    You’re absolutely right! We should insrtitute money ball here in Cleveland! And, to kickoff the savings, we should get an entire new management and coaching staff! Then, throw out any player that exhibited any kind of talent or loyalty to the team to get newer, cheaper players.
    Yeah, thats worked since 1999!

  • EnabledVet

    But don’t consider the fact that Dawson was our most profilic scoring weapon last season! That would be foolish because of all the other players on the field. Great reasoning.