NFL Draft: Browns should avoid selecting a quarterback early per Mel Kiper

While the Cleveland Browns front office looks to address the quarterback position this offseason, ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr feels that, if the team were to desire to do so via the draft, they could be in for a bit of a gamble as current quarterback Brandon Weeden could have been the top passer taken had he been able to wait until 2013 to declare for the NFL.

“Obviously you look at where the quarterbacks are this season,” Kiper said via conference call on Wednesday. “There’s not one that there’s consensus on. So it’s possible he could’ve been the first quarterback taken this year.”

The Browns, selecting sixth-overall in the upcoming draft, are widely considered to be addressing the pass rush to accommodate Ray Horton’s change to the 3-4 defense. Kiper added that if the Browns were considering using their first-round selection on a quarterback, it would be a substantial risk given the current player pool.

“You look at [West Virginia’s] Geno Smith and [USC’s] Matt Barkley and Brandon Weeden, it would’ve been a tough call,” Kiper said. “It would’ve been a tough, tough call. Nobody right now is in this draft saying, ‘if I’m Cleveland, I’ve got to take this quarterback even though I have Brandon Weeden.’ There’s no quarterback that screams out, saying, ‘take me, even though you have Weeden because I’m that much better.’ There’s nobody. So I don’t think Cleveland’s going to be able to find that guy.”

Weeden, who was out out eligibility as the quarterback of Oklahoma State, went 22nd overall to the Browns in 2012. They have been rumored to be in the mix for Baltimore’s Joe Flacco in the event he is able to test the free agent market. Kiper has the Browns taking Florida State defensive Bjoern Werner at No. 6 in his most recent mock draft.

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  • Natedawg86

    Master of the obvious

  • Kiper Update 2:Browns Should Avoid Selecting a Kicker in the First Round Too.

  • FearTheRoo

    Of course. Browns need to avoid drafting a QB this draft completely and stop giving up on quarterbacks every year. I’m not saying McCoy or Weeden were the answer, but how will we ever know if they keep getting dumped. It’s like everybody expects these guys to be Tom Brady from day 1.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    Kiper’ll probably have Mike Glennon to Browns in the next 3 mock drafts he does…

  • Wow

    Mel Kiper works 3 months a year and is irrelevant the other 9.

  • Jaker

    Well he’s wrong sometimes

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    I’ll take the under if you are suggesting he’s relevant for 3 months a year.

  • MrCleaveland

    It’s nice to know that Mel is looking out for us, isn’t it?

  • mgbode

    note sure how groundbreaking this info is as Y! sports is also saying the same thing about Blaine Gabbert.

    I think it speaks more to the quality of the QB prospects this year.

  • thepaledragon

    Kiper does his mocks based on what he thinks will happen, not based on his own personal rankings of the prospects. So if he thinks Lombardi is stupid enough to pick Glennon….

  • thepaledragon

    As someone who has watched a lot of college football, I definitely agree with this assessment. This is a very weak group of quarterbacks. Which is not to say that someone like Barkley can’t be successful, but there isn’t anyone who is NFL ready like Luck/Griffin/Weeden/Wilson/Tannehill.

    Also, Geno Smith ran the same offense in college that Weeden did, so he really wouldn’t be an upgrade.

  • steve-o

    So should 31 other teams.

  • cmm13

    The more game I’ve watched, I am with you on EJ Manuel as a “trade back into the 2nd”or if by some miracle he’s there in the 3rd.

  • ricktenny

    Oh Lordy there it is again. NFL READY! Didn’t you have enough of that last year? Is the performance of Branden Weeden what you call NFL Ready? There is no such creature living in any of our great nations institutions of higher learning.
    Please for the sake of my ulcer, please stop using that phrase, If nothing else look at the recently departed Brain Trust of Berea. We all know where that phrase got them.