NBA News: Cavaliers and Omri Casspi in talks surrounding buyout

The Cleveland Cavaliers appear willing to meet the wishes of small forward Omri Casspi as the two parties are reportedly engaged in talks surrounding a buyout.

Casspi, unhappy with falling out of the Cavaliers’ rotation upon the acquisition of Wayne Ellington from Memphis, reportedly desired a buyout with the goal of subsequently joining either the Houston Rockets or Memphis Grizzlies.

The goal of the discussions would be to part ways before the March 1 deadline so that the player could be eligible to play in the playoffs with a different team. The Rockets, per Stein, are a “legit and confirmed suitor” for Casspi.

Casspi has largely disappointed during his tenure with the Cavaliers, being on the other end of the deal which sent power forward JJ Hickson to Sacramento. Since the pre-lockout deal, Casspi has squandered a starting job in 2011-12 and followed it up with 36.7 percent shooting in 2012-13. The 6-foot-9-inch swingman,  is currently averaging 4.0 points and 2.2 rebounds per game.

Casspi was set to earn $2.27 million this season and has a qualifying offer of $3.31 million for 2013-14. He is presently recovering from emergency appendectomy surgery which occurred this past weekend.

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  • gren

    Good riddance.

  • See ya.

  • mgbode

    there goes our marketing revenue from the Jewish community

  • thenoclist

    Don’t let the door hit you…

  • Why would we do anything that might help Houston beat the Lakers for the 8th seed and cost ourselves turning pick 30 into 15?

  • John

    Unless there’s a bout of injury Omri won’t be spending much time on court. And Caspi hardly has enough talent to help push Houston over the edge. If the Lakers make the playoffs it’ll be due to the Jazz or Golden State tumbling. Houston isn’t going anywhere.

  • if there is a bout of injury I rather see Houston fishing the D league then bringing him off the bench. This is Cleveland, when stuff goes wrong it does so in spectacular fashion.

    Wed Apr 17th, Houston v Lakers, final game of season, teams tied for final play off birth after Rockets suffer injury and tumble. Final seconds dish to Caspi who hits the game winner.

    Later that year 15th pick in the draft surprises everyone and turns into league MVP, multiple times.

    Is that worth saving a few million on payroll? Take back the drive, fumble, World Series and all the bad memories and I wouldn’t worry about the unthinkable.

  • mgbode

    the other sports, sure. in basketball, we end up getting an unprotected 8th pick in the draft and it flips to the first and possible best-future-PG in the NBA just 8 years after we landed the first pick in the draft who turned into the best-player in the NBA.

  • Wow

    Can they dump Gibson while they’re at it?

  • John

    You can all thank grant for ruining out draft slot for bench guys who will be leaving next year… Typical cleveland team – cant lose right. Enjoy the meaningless wins guys because thats all you have to look forward to thanks to chris grant.

  • Jaker

    Especially in the area that was previously holding his appendix…

  • thenoclist

    good one

  • LBCavsFan

    You need to learn to win and building a winning culture is important. There’s a fine line between being an upside lottery team like OKC was or perennial cellar dweller like Sacramento. I’m perfectly fine with winning as many more games as possible because that means our young guys are improving. Besides I wouldn’t mind bringing all of our bench mob back if the price is right. Plus you have to expect Boobie and Casspi will be off the books.

  • JohnJohn

    This person obviously has no clue what this team is doing. He probably doesn’t even know anyone one the roster besides a couple of players. The Cavs have enough picks where if they could move up in the draft in they wanted. They’re also freeing up cap space. They’re a young team that has to learn to play. You can’t purposely flop every year in hopes that you find the next Jordan. These wins will be key in their confidence and team play next season.