Indians’ Trevor Bauer releases a diss track

(Update: Apparently, this track was recorded in December and the release date was just coincidentally timed around the recent incident. The team has reportedly met with the pitcher. Bauer stated that the song, despite the lyrics, was aimed at “Twitter haters” and not Montero.)

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer has fired a shot across the bow of Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero Twitter haters through what may be the most intriguing manner in recent Cleveland sports history — a diss track titled “You Don’t Know Me” wherein the chorus includes a line about “hiding behind a mask.”

Bauer was the recent target of criticism from former teammate and catcher Miguel Montero. Following a brief stint in the majors with the Diamondbacks, Montero and Bauer had a well-documented difference of opinion. Just this week, Montero wished Indians catcher Carlos Santana “good luck” in dealing with the 22-year old Bauer — “When you get a guy like that and he thinks he’s got everything figured out, it’s just tough to commence and try to get on the same page with you.” The song was reportedly recorded in December, but was released on Wednesday.

Upon the acquisition of Bauer, we opened the lid on Bauer’s rapping career with the group “Consumate 4sight.” We have embedded the recently released track for your listening pleasure, complete with Bain’s introduction. We’ve also snipped a few choice lines.

Your fifteen minutes, I guess I get that.
With that, its time to get back to all these fans that I’ve been losing due in part to the rumors moving about that that I refuse to listen
So people get this vision of me, no one goes up hitting for me
I swear I’ve never been gifted nothing


It don’t matter how many Xs or Os you draw
I plan to get that, bro
You’re a mouse in a cat’s game
Get where I’m at, man
I ain’t playing tic-tac-toe

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  • Bauerbum

    Miggy would rip that wigger a new one

  • saggy


  • saggy


  • Steven Baker

    Is English Trevor Bauer’s first language?

  • Porckchop

    Has there ever been a relationship of any kind that began with “percieved warts” that ended well?

  • NoVA Buckeye

    See: Alex Ovechkin. His rap was awful but everyone in NoVA loved it. Belief perseverance at its finest.

  • Jaker

    You love it don’t lie

  • Jaker

    R.i.p, b.i.g

  • HarshReality666

    Thank god Francona is his coach now because Kirk Gibson would have smacked him upside the head for that garbage.
    What a damn fool

  • HarshReality666

    What’s scary is that he might end up better as Vanilla Ice 2.0
    Especially if he still can’t locate the strike zone

  • Harv 21

    You sound a whole lot like my mom-in-law.

    But in the baseball context without wracking my brain too much I’d say the Reds have been satisfied with the Brandon Phillips trade

  • Kelly Kleinman

    He’s his own man. Guys like Trevor never stay in one place too long, they do what they want and it takes a lot of energy to manage them if you are a control freak. If you give them space, you get better results. He is a smart kid and will ask for help when he needs it – leave him be for now.

  • This guy sounds like he’s a real loose canon, but his right arm looks like a canon too, so I guess the Tribe will have to take the good with the bad with Bauer. Sometimes it’s good to have a few “colorful” characters on a team as long as they all mesh well together (ie: Albert Belle, Jeff Kent, er al.)

  • Kthy Bauer

    Check ur facts.
    Nikropheliac is hiding behind his/her Mask of anonymity. “Comments” are 99.9% full of people hiding behind their MASKS of anonymity. There’s no accountability & no consequence to your words, and, therefore, no need for truth. Did we ever chat in the stands at a game? Hmmmmmm.

  • Luvsreddirt

    I still think the issue in Arizona was Montero’s IQ of 50 and perhaps Gibson following suit with an IQ not much higher than Montero’s.