Indians’ OF Drew Stubbs adjusting swing; attempting to cut down on strikeouts

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick writes in his latest spring training blog about Drew Stubbs’ attempt to simplify his swing and cut down on his strikeout totals-

“After hitting a career-low .213 with a .610 OPS in Cincinnati last season, outfielder Drew Stubbs went home to Texas looking to make some changes. He spent the winter working with Ronnie Ortegon, the Reds’ new assistant hitting coach, and junked his leg kick in favor of a more abbreviated toe tap that he will use as a trigger mechanism in his swing.

Stubbs is hoping to emulate the success of former Arizona Fall League teammate Austin Jackson, who took a major step forward as a hitter after jettisoning his leg kick for a toe tap. Jackson raised his batting average from .249 to .300 and cut his strikeout total markedly in 137 games with Detroit.”

For his career Stubbs strikes out an alarming once per every 3.05 at bats. He has struck out 539 times in the last 3 seasons. He has also stolen 100 bases and hit 51 home runs over that same span.

Stubbs should get plenty of chances to show off that new approach at the plate despite the suddenly crowded Indians outfield.

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  • Jaker

    Stubbs is also working on a “Bob Dylan-esque” ballad, it should release at a very timely moment for him and a former teammate that he takes jabs at

  • mgbode

    some sneak peek lyrics:

    long ago, far away
    in the summertime
    long time gone

    as i went out one morning
    all i really want to do
    hit going, going, gone

    don’t fall apart on me tonight
    got my mind made up
    don’t think twice it’s allright

    fourth time around
    I threw it all away
    hero blues

    ain’t gonna grieve
    ain’t talkin’
    ’bout my swing blowin’ in the wind

    everything is broken
    honey, just allow me one more chance
    meet me in the morning

    new morning
    a hard rain’s a gonna fall
    pressing on

    no time to think
    the times they are a-changin’
    open the door, homer

  • JK

    Get him a tennis racket

  • nj0

    Word from the minors is that Lindor has really improved on his bridges and middle eights. Can’t wait to hear what he can do when he gets up here.

  • Steve

    Stop batting him so much against right handed pitching, and you’ll see his numbers shoot up.

  • Harv 21

    Ok, so he’s like 28 and one of those guys who MLB pitchers figured out and for 2 years he wouldn’t/couldn’t adjust back. Who knows, he’s young enough that maybe something will click. Or he’ll both lose power and keep whiffing, or he won’t be able to bring the new stuff into a game situation. Whatever happens, still a great trade. He’s got nothing to lose and since our outfield is suddenly deep we’re playing with the house money..

  • nj0

    This is my hope. Between our outfield depth and collection of players who can play multiple positions, we should be able to do some serious R/L platooning. Make it so, Francona.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Gary Sheffield was excited about Stubbs’ new toe-tap and celebrated by brawling with some police officers.

  • saggy

    you mean: stop batting him against Major League pitching….

  • Natedawg86

    I don’t know what that is… Ha but does anyone have stats on Stubbs called SO vs swinging SO?

  • mgbode

    you don’t like Bob Dylan inspired poems on Valentine’s Day?