Goodell Addresses Several Key Issues In State Of NFL Address

Every year, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gives his state of the NFL press conference on the Friday prior to the Super Bowl. This year, there was no shortage of issues and controversies in professional football, so Goodell had plenty to address.

First, with the issue of player safety, the commissioner had this to say:

“I’m disappointed, because I think we have tremendous medical care for our players. These are not just team doctors. These doctors are affiliated with the best medical institutions in the world – the Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, Hospital for Special Surgery. The medical care that is provided to our players is extraordinary. Now, we will always seek to improve it. We will always seek to figure out how we can do things better, provide better medical care, but I think it’s extraordinary. And as I talk to players – including one yesterday – they feel the same way, but we’ll have to address that and we’ll have to figure out what we can do to try to improve it. One of those I also mentioned in the opening. We’ll add a neurosurgeon on the field that can be there for consultation, that can be there for another set of eyes on the field, and to support the doctors in making the best possible decisions on the field, and off the field. And I believe our doctors do that.”

Then, after fifteen head coaching and GM openings came and went without a single minority hiring, Goodell replied:

“We want to focus on how do we get to a Rooney Rule, or an extension of the Rooney Rule, or a new generation of the Rooney Rule, that will allow us to do that? There was full compliance with the Rooney Rule. There were, in fact, I believe, a record number of interviews. But we didn’t have the outcomes that we wanted, and the outcomes are to make sure that we have full diversity throughout our coaching ranks, throughout our executive ranks, and throughout the league office. It’s very important to the success of the league to do that, and we’re committed to finding those solutions.”

  • skeesh

    Boo Goodell and all that, but mentioning the Clinic earns a brownie point.

  • Wow

    Anyone else tired of this Rooney Rule nonsense?

  • Dinner

    When you consider the possibility that some of the owners, or GMs are intentionally passing over possibly the best and greatest coaching minds due to their skin color, then I think the Rooney Rule should be front and center of any discussion.

  • BigDawg703

    They could be awful interviewers for all we know. Heck, Mike Zimmer should’ve gotten a job as a HC somewhere, but he didn’t. So many misses on coaches and I don’t think Arians or Reid will pan out. Marrone and Chud are possibly going to be the best hires out of them all and everyone else is going to look silly if it happens.