WFNY Podcast – 2013-01-21 – Craig and Denny talk Lance Armstrong, Te’o, the Internets and leaving them

WFNY Podcast LogoI find myself looking for reasons to have certain people on the podcast and Denny is one of those people. This time we middled around the Lance Armstrong topic for a bit before getting into some more overarching themes about the Internet, culture, media, etc. A great conversation as always even if it ended up someplace completely different than Lance Armstrong.

  • Denny’s NYC Marathon as a part of team Livestrong
  • Doping and cheating… What is cheating?
  • Is Craig a cheater using something like Jack3d from GNC?
  • How culture deals with storylines and the hunger for better ones
  • Manti Te’o and parallels between his deception and Lance Armstrong
  • Destinations vs. the trips it took to arrive at them
  • Time spent online vs. time spent off the grid
  • Appreciating time while you have it and not bemoaning its loss when it’s gone

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  • If anyone is interested (probably not), here’s a link to the SBN Long Read that I mentioned about Bonds: http://www.sbnation.com/longform/2013/1/10/3857198/barry-bonds-mlb-hall-of-fame-voting-steroids

  • Good stuff, guys.

    I too have moved on from the commodity and short-life news items. I’m a sucker for all of the stuff that surrounded the Browns coaching/front-office search, but in terms of time spent on reading, it’s almost all used on non-fiction stories, long form commentary and (gasp) books. I guess we can call it a New Years resolution of sorts, but I’m at a stage where I need lasting value in the stuff I read. Time is money, or something.