WFNY Podcast – 2013-01-14 – Jon and Craig talk sports, hipsters, Victor Martinez, Browns and “Process”

WFNY Podcast LogoIn the latest edition of the WFNY podcast I talked to Jon with the express purpose of only loosely talking about sports. We ended up talking an awful lot about sports, but not in the typical “what do you think of this and what will happen next?” kind of way. Instead we talked about sports fans and the latest wave of ironic, hipster anti-style and how that intersects with sports. In addition, we talked about…

  • Death Cab for Cutie, Dave Matthews, Tool and turning on your favorite musicians
  • Dave Matthews Band, growing up and whether or not that art was ever good
  • The wide and varied audience for baseball in the United States
  • The continuing fracture and damage to Browns fans
  • Chud and whether he fulfilled Craig’s desire to compete right away
  • The use of the word “process” and how loaded it is or isn’t
  • Offensive balance
  • WFNY headlines and respect for those who can passionately write recaps consistently and with quality
  • Victor Martinez and the battle of head over heart

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  • Vindictive_Pat

    Interesting discussion on the generational differences and hipster references. Like you guys, I grew up in the grunge era and I remember that to be considered cool (for the most part anyway) in that era you had to be heavily sarcastic and cynical. Sarcasm and cynicism and snark are all still very much alive and well, but I feel like it was the same when we were young as it is now. I think you did touch on the major difference though, and that’s how “real” life is to young people. I get the feeling like it was very much okay to be really serious about world peace, or being a vegetarian, or the Dave Matthews Band. I think that maybe now you’re going to get teased heavily by the cool kids for taking something so seriously? That’s how it looks from the outside at least.