WFNY Podcast – 2012-01-16 – Cleveland Comedian Bill Squire Talks Sports

WFNY Podcast LogoI’ve been a fan of Bill Squire’s from a distance for a while. I heard him for the first time on Opie and Anthony and then started following him online. If you want to check out his stuff I recommend his Youtube page highly.

It’s not necessarily up to the “family-friendly” standards of WFNY, but hey it’s comedy, right? Plus, who doesn’t want to watch Santa Claus do stand-up throwing condoms out to the audience before saying, “I’m sick of your kids.”

You can follow Bill on Twitter, and also check out his website for details on his monthly comedy show at Market Garden Brewery.

Topics we touched on…

  • Doing comedy in Cleveland
  • The Browns and the new stadium name
  • The Alan Cox Show
  • Getting kicked out of the Mormon mission
  • The Browns coaching search
  • Winning now vs. winning later
  • Getting stood up by Chuck Booms
  • Radio Wars


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