Report: Norv Turner To Be Named Browns’ Offensive Coordinator

Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer is reporting that head coach Rob Chudzinski will name Norv Turner his offensive coordinator. The delay in announcement of the hiring is that Turner is currently out of town.

Turner, 60, was head coach of the San Diego Chargers for the past six seasons, and Chudzinski spent two of those seasons as his tight ends coach and assistant head coach in 2009-2010. He has a record of 118-126-1 in stints with Oakland, Washington, and San Diego. He also has experience as offensive coordinator in Dallas, San Diego, Miami, and San Francisco for a combined seven seasons.

Chudzinski said Friday morning that he would be open to relinquishing play calling responsibilities if he had the right coordinator.

Cabot also reports that the search for GM/personnel director includes names Ray Farmer (Chiefs), Tom Gamble (49ers), George Paton (Vikings), John Idzik (Seahawks), and Michael Lombardi (NFL Network analyst).

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  • Wow

    Thank God, a coach actually using coordinators this time.

  • Excellent, now keep Jauron and hire Tom Gamble or John Idzik for GM / Personnel Director.

  • After only one day on the job for Chud, and already hired Norv Turner….very Proactiv

  • gren

    Mary Kay ahead of the story yet again…

  • simond
  • Vindictive_Pat

    I think Jauron’s gone… I don’t think he runs the style of defense that Chud wants and I think the fact that he’s never worked with Chud hurts his chances (assuming he even wants to stay in Cleveland).

  • Natedawg86

    Can we nickname him Ski? See chud In urban dictionary

  • Jason Mumaw

    Could not have said it better myself! Liking this move more and more.

  • maxfnmloans

    Chud said he would think about calling plays himself until the OC “felt comfortable doing it”…well, I have a feeling Norv will be pretty comfortable with things fairly quickly, which means Chud likely won’t be calling plays, and he can concentrate on being a coach while on the sidelines. Double bonus.

  • maxfnmloans

    ever get the feeling she just reads her Twitter feed all day?

  • DCdawg

    Smart move. Very curious to see who runs the defense. We have so much talent on that side of the ball, just need a few pieces. Mel Tucker was being talked about yesterday although I saw he was interviewed for Jax HC job. Worked with Chud in Cleveland before

  • mgbode

    agreed. however, some of the other assistants could stay. wondering if the delay in even getting a rumor on a DC is waiting on Horton or Tucker to finish interviewing for their HC spot (AZ and JAX respectively).

  • mgbode

    glad the rumors about Carolina were bogus. felt that Chud would have locked up Norv first, but you never know. Norv is a good get at OC.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Good thought, that wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him bring in either guy.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Haha, I wouldn’t worry too much about it… there are plenty of people out there with the nickname “Dick”.

  • it’s been about 36 hours since this tweet. still no signing. still be reported like it’s a done deal.

    it’s like the chip kelly thing didn’t just happen.

    there’s not so much as an ‘attempts to reach kelly were unsuccessful’ note in any reporting i’ve seen. it’s been a day and a half… not one damn reporter knows turner’s or his agent’s phone number or email??

  • do we know any rumors are bogus?

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I guess we’re just hoping that Mary Kay is reporting truth. Is it unwise to assume that? I dunno, Mary Kay is usually the last one to the party but I think she has enough journalistic integrity to assume she’s reporting truth. A lot of times their “source” is someone who has been involved with preparing the contract for the new coach.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Great point I was going to say something similar. It also shows being that Chudzinski worked under Turner in SD some humility which for me can’t be overlooked. There hasn’t been much humility or innovation with this team since it’s return in ’99. These are the things I’m trying to remind myself before completely dismissing this hire.

  • That is awesome. No, now I really wanna keep calling him Chud!