NFL Rumor: Bruce Arians wanted Browns coaching job “badly”

Per WEWS’ Mike Cairns, we have word that former Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Bruce Arians wanted to return home but was not granted an interview.

Arians, the current offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts, was one of the two men whom most Browns fans had claimed to have wanted to be the next head coach of their team. He is also one of the main antagonists in the 10-year retrospective playoff piece that hit WFNY earlier this weekend.

Since leaving the Browns after the 2003 season, Arians, 60, spent several years (and two Super Bowls) with the Pittsburgh Steelers — the team in which Jimmy Haslam III had minority ownership — before being relieved of his duties and helping the Colts make the playoffs one year after winning just two games. He is expected to interview with the Philadelphia Eagles later this weekend.

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  • Lunch

    An odd scenario: Chip Kelly = head coach, Bruce Arians = offensive coordinator. Would that work?

  • Robbie S

    Doubt it. There’s enough job openings for Bruce Arians to get a permanent head coaching gig.

  • bobkos55

    Do people seriously not remember when he was “Bruce Airhead”in 2002? He’s stepped into good situations in Pittsburgh and Indy with Consentlessberger and Luck and is 60 years old. Not upset about this at all.

  • Lunch

    What if the openings were filled, and Arians didn’t get a head coaching gig for some odd reason?

  • bobkos55

    Unless he is fired by the Colts, he’d have to be made an assistant HC as well as the OC. The NFL doesn’t allow for lateral moves.

  • JoeMac

    why would he leave his current job for a lateral movement? Why would chip kelly want him? I like arians for what he did this year and think someone will hire him as a head coach, but there was a reason he was let go and Pittsburgh and Jimmy knows it.

  • Eric G

    Consentlessberger is phenomenal

  • Robbie

    Agreed… Consentlessberger, LMFAO!

  • Porckchopexpress

    Wouldnt work. Arians problem in Pitt was getting too close to Roth. Since he and Weeden were classmates in high school the same thing could be expected.

  • cmm13

    Yes and I also remember when I was 15 in 1995 and thought Blink 182 was a good band…people learn from their mistakes.

    Arians helped to shape Rowethleshdvebergr, worked with Manning and navigated the Colts to 9-4, maybe he picked up a few things along the way?

  • cmm13

    Win comment.

  • bridgecrosser

    Solid but he also runs schemes that put a tremendous amount of wear and tear on QB. Minimal protection schemes that cause a lot of hits on the QBs. I like Bruce, solid enough, but a classic guy that should stay in his role.

  • saggy

    “Consentlessberger” – Word of the year, so far!!!

  • woofersus

    I also remember when Browns Fans thought Belichick was the worst hire ever, but I’d take him back in a heartbeat now.

    Seriously though, I don’t know if I’m as enthusiastic about Arians as some are, but I do think he’s proven to be able to lead a team and should probably get a shot as a head coach. Just maybe not in Cleveland.