NFL News: Philadelphia Eagles land Chip Kelly

A shocker today from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen-

The Browns of course were in on the Chip Kelly circus immediately after Oregon’s win over Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. Following a weekend of wining and dining from the Browns, Eagles and Bills, Chip Kelly announced he was staying at Oregon.

So what changed? And could the Browns have approached Kelly one last time before giving the keys to Berea to Rob Chudzinski?

You can be sure there is more to this story to eventually come out.

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  • mgbode

    i had to get a WFNY addendum added to the contract.

  • Wheel

    The Eagles can have this 21st century Jerry Glanville. I’m happy with Chud, especially if we get Norv Turner.

  • Steve

    And now, as I look back, there were only reports that Kelly was going back, seemingly based on him not coming to the Browns. Kelly himself never said he was going back.

  • humboldt

    Eagles sign-and-trade deal for Clay Mathews

  • humboldt

    Or perhaps it shows a bad plan. If the structure of our organization is what led to Kelly being tepid about the job then blame should reasonably be placed on Joe Banner.

  • Wow

    I personally don’t care that much, he’s inheriting a mess of a team and a QB that can’t stay on the field. At least Chud has pro experience

  • Woods

    Would Philly be interested in a McCoy for Foles in a straight up trade?