NFL Report: Norv Turner possibly in as Browns OC; Jauron likely out as DC

According to Keith Britton of 92.3 The Fan, new Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski is likely to bring Norv Turner on board as the new offensive coordinator, and current defensive coordinator Dick Jauron will likely move on.

Britton tweet

Britton was the first with the Chudzinski as favorite rumor, which was confirmed by several reporters including Chris Mortensen.

Update: Per FOX Sports’ Pete Schrager, Scott Turner, Norv’s son, could also be en route:

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  • chad


  • Robert

    Well, that’s dissapointing.

  • maxfnmloans

    3-4? awwwww hamburgers

  • co811809

    3-4 nooooooo

  • Natedawg86

    Looks like we will have a lot to talk about this offseason… Oh we’ll not like we had any promising DL anyway

  • Natedawg86

    Baby farts

  • TobaccoRoad

    I just said exactly wht co811809 said

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I like Turner coming but interesting, very very interesting.

  • Cooley Ford

    ‘Cause it worked so well the last time, ya know.

  • Haslam and Banner are completely out of touch with what this franchise has gone through since ’99. they should be ashamed. heads completely up their butts. where do we have the least amount of depth? LB. where’s our depth/strength? D Line

    I’m trying to explain to my wife why this is so bad. it’s not only impossible, it’s pointless.

  • KillerNut

    Honestly in a 3-4 I think Winn and Rubin can spend time outside. It’s at least worth a try. LBs seem to be a big issue, but it can be resolved. Offense needs guards, but maybe FA. It could work

  • Chud’s offenses scores points and it’s an offensive league – and Norv Turner is absolutely a better OC than he was a HC, so all of that is good. But why switch to a 3-4 when the defense finally got physical enough to match up with the rest of the AFC North – and when LB is clearly the weakest part of the team? So far it’s a wash. If Lombaradi is here, the honeymoon’s over and what little hope is born gets snuffed out; if it’s another personnel guy, hold your breath and see what they do with all that cap space …

  • we’ll see

    Initially was disappointed we are switching to a 3-4 but think Taylor, Rubin, Hughes, Winn, and Rucker make a pretty solid front. My concern is whether Sheard can play end in a 3-4 well. Not sure how a 255lb Sheard holds up against even if he bulks up a bit. Hope I’m wrong. D’Qwell is the only linebacker we can pencil in right now. Hopefully between Gocong and JMJ they can cover one of the OLB positions. But I hope Jarvis Jones is available at 6 because an impact linebacker just became our biggest need. on defense 2 LBS, 1 CB, maybe a FS depending on your thoughts on Usama. On offense a guard and Norv Turner being a miracle worker with Brandon Weeden are “only” 2 needs. Hoping if Chudzinski can make Derek Anderson look like a real NFL QB he might be ok. Just sad to hear Dick Jauron is gone

  • Jaker

    3-4= 2 years of 4-5(wins)

    Please Chud, don’t change the D. I am begging you. If you want to win games, you need to keep this D. There are too many holes as is, by changing to a 3-4, we would be opening Pandora’s box of problems and needs in FA and the draft. This D is so close to becoming consistently great. Don’t screw us.

  • saggy

    i am going to take the happy road here and say that the change to a 3-4 means the Browns will be active in free agency. maybe we can sign an impact LB?

  • Natedawg86

    Get out the chalkboad fella

  • Natedawg86

    Part of me thinks that the defense is decided on the personnel. That would be ideal at least. If you have a bunch of stud LBs, run a 3-4. I can see a team running a 4-3 and then drafting BPA which happens to be a stud LB and then deciding to switch to a 3-4, I just don’t understand the flip the switch mentality.

  • BenRM

    2 years of 4-5 wins = 2 years of top 5 picks = New QB = PROFIT!!!!

    The plan is foolproof! Finally, I understand the genius.

  • JK

    Maybe. Also maybe Chud is a all world HC even though he got no other interviews from any other teams.

  • Danny

    A switch to 3-4 all but guarantees a pass rushing OLB at #6, correct?

  • Jaker

    Or a trade down to pick up a 2nd rounder. We need talent, and lots of it

  • gren

    Seems like it. We could also be moving Jabaal Sheard to Linebacker… 🙁

  • Jaker

    Heyyyyy, check out the funny guyyyyyyy, Mr. funny in the house!

  • BenRM

    you know it!

  • I am not nearly as bent out of shape about the switch to 3-4 as the rest of ya’ll, I heard that we have around 45 million in cap space…. IF our new owner is truely motivated to build us a sustainable winner, he will get us the FA acquisitions needed to make that move a success. We need at least 2 GOOD LBs… and at least 1 Corner… The D-linemen may be set up for the 4-3, but they are as athletic and talented as I can remember us having in a long-long while, so I think they can adjust with a few cogs being replaced here and there…
    I am happy with Chudz… Go Browns!

  • EyesAbove

    The Chargers are paying Turner 3 million in 2013, I dont think he’ll be in any hurry to rush out and find a job. And if he does want to work in 2013, he can probably afford to be picky. He would be a great hire as OC, but Ill believe it when I see it.