NFL Report: Lombardi already scouting free agents for Browns

While Browns fans remain fixated on the team’s coaching search (which will occur before a GM search), Adam Caplan dropped a bit of a bombshell on Twitter this afternoon.

Caplan’s tweet said that Mike Lombardi, already in the Cleveland-related rumor mill, reportedly has already been working on the free agent scene for the Browns. Caplan was quickly bombarded with replies, to which he said it’s not illegal, that Lombardi is just getting ready for the possible job and he’s not certain of possible free agent targets.

Specifically as well, one follower mentioned how he/she preferred hot candidate Tom Gamble, currently the personnel director for the San Francisco 49ers. But, as many have speculated, Caplan replied that the Browns opening isn’t really a true GM position. With Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner already leading the charge, it’s likely the team is just looking for a salary cap expert.

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  • Thomas

    I have been scouting free agents also… my hat is in the ring!!!!

  • mgbode

    I thought we already had multiple salary cap guys?

    Ugh to Lombardi

  • Let’s not forget that Haslam/Banner retained Heckert’s staff, which will be key.

  • JHop

    I will never forgive Haslem for bringing in Lombardi … unless we land Dwayne Bowe

  • dan

    Thomas, thank you for your interest in the open position with the Browns franchise. To expedite the handling of your application, please fill out the following questionnaire:

    1. Have you ever worked for Bill Belichick? If no, please skip to question 4.
    2. Please list the highest title you held until Bill Belichick.
    3. Have you failed at four or more NFL jobs when you were not working for Bill Belichick? If no, congratulations! you are now qualified for an NFL position, and we will be contacting you shortly with our results. You do not have to answer any further questions. If yes, we are sorry, but your application will not be considered. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
    4. With which of the following non-Belichick coaching trees are you most closely associated: (A) Parcels (non-Belichick); (B) Coryell; (C) Walsh; (D) I am a college coach with no connection to the NFL.
    5. if your answer to #4 was “C”, which of the following branches of the Bill Walsh coaching tree do you belong to: Holmgren, Reid, Seifert, Gruden, or other?
    6. If your answer to #4 was “D”, are you one of those college coaches who believes he is so brilliant his ideas will take over the NFl one day, or one of those NFL coaches who will be quickly overwhelmed by the NFL, or are you both? In addition, please list the three biggest recruiting violations you are about to be disciplined for that have caused you to realize you can adapt to the professional game.
    7. If you are applying for a personnel evaluation position, please provide an analysis of any and all mistakes made by Dwight Clark in the drafts of 1999 and 2000. Use additional reams of paper as necessary.
    8. The best kind of defense is (A) a 3-4; (B) a 4-3; (C) whichever least suits the Browns personnel at the present time.
    9. What catchphrase do you intend to use at a press conference that can be spliced in to a Coors Light commercial?

    Your prompt response is greatly appreciated. If you are not selected, we will retain your application for two years, so there will be no need to resubmit when the position is vacated by January 2015. I mean if it is vacated.

  • ThatAlex

    The one positive is if Lombardi does become our GM, he won’t have much power. Everything will have to go through Banner, and probably Kelly. It’ll be similar to when Kokinis was “Director of Player Personnel” for the Browns.

  • Thomas

    1. NO
    2. N/A
    3. N/A
    4. None of the above
    5. N/A
    6. N/A
    7. Who is Dwight Clark?
    8. C – I plan on being the creator of the new 1-6 defense
    9. “It worked in Madden!”

    Whew.. that was rough… I battled through it…

  • MrCleaveland


    Mike Lombardi revealed to Adam Caplan today that Mike Lombardi has been whipping up mock drafts that include possible selections by the Cleveland Browns. Mike Lombardi is leaking this information in the hope that somebody in the NFL will finally be impressed enough to hire him. Otherwise, Mike Lombardi has to go back to winging it on talk radio for another year.

  • SDA

    Man do I hope your right

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Free agents, did someone say free agents? Me likey!

  • Jaker

    Yeah that worked out really well, didnt it?

  • JakerJakeJ

    Salary Cap expert? Didn’t we already hire a few of those? Who will become the talent evaluators? Why am I asking so many questions?!?!