NFL Report: Browns to hire Rob Chudzinski as next head coach

Multiple reports tonight that the Browns have hired Rob Chudzinski to be their next head coach-

Mort tweet

Mort tweet 2

Chudzinski was the Browns offensive coordinator in 2007-08. He was last the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers.

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    Difference is: Norv has coordinated successful offenses in the NFL before. Kelly doesn’t have that on his resume.


    Fourth Meal!

  • Big Z

    Phil. Please don’t be holdin’ up traffic on the I-480 bridge tomorrow mornin’. I have to work and I’m usually late. ‘Preesh.

  • mgbode

    should be a bit higher than zero. he is bringing Norv! he is the Wade Philips of OC’s.

    hopefully, he gets Horton or someone similar to run the defense if we are switching to the 3-4 as rumored.

  • mgbode

    it’s called unemployment

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Hey, I’ve got faith in Norv… totally excited about that actually. I think our offense will be better, our defense will be worse, and that Chud will prove to be a head coach with qualities very similar to Pat Shurmur. I REALLY want to be wrong… just telling people what I read from him so far.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    This is me too, G_O. I felt this way after the Weeden draft pick and eventually became much more optimistic. Whether I had reason to be more optimistic is still up for debate, but it happened. I expect I will eventually find things to like about the Chud hire and get behind it. Right now I really, really hate this hire though. I also hope that he brings Derek Anderson back with him… my gosh that would be hilarious.

  • Mr . Lahey

    and next romeo will be named as DC… weve been down that road before with chud and it didnt work out. the panthers are a decent offense but have been under 500. big swing and a miss. i like norv though but who’s going to have more input on the play calling. it might turn out like the shurm/chili situation. organized chaos

  • mgbode

    it sounds like you are blaming Chud for the Panthers defense

    also, Romeo proved he is also a good DC but bad HC everywhere he has been (and he was both in KC). I’m not against Romeo and Norv as co-ordinators here.

  • Mr Lahey

    lombardi will be making the moves

  • mgbode

    i think the only moves mike lombardi will be making are bowel movements