NFL News: Doug Marrone agrees to join Bills

If Doug Marrone was considered a target on the Browns’ radar, they better start targeting some other people. Adam Schefter reports that Marrone has agreed to make the short hop down the freeway from Syracuse to Buffalo.

The Chip Kelly Watch continues for Cleveland Browns fans. It sure would be nice to even have high level comments out of the Cleveland Browns, but their vow of silence seems to be holding strong.

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  • TBD

    Things are proceeding swimmingly on the coaching front. Great first impression for Joe Banner. I am already looking forward to the next reboot in 2016.

  • Rocko

    Jim Tressel is still available…

  • Roosevelt

    Not going to worry that the Browns tried hard but failed to hire two different coaching candidates whom I didn’t want. Hopefully this makes Lovie Smith or Bruce Arians more of a possibility, but even Whisenhunt is not in any way a “worse” hire than Marrone or Kelly. Nor is any other unproven NFL coach.

  • Harv 21

    I’ll laugh if, after all this Spy v. Spy between Banner and Lurie, Kelly returns to Oregon.

    The perils of chasing the hottest chick at the party …

  • ugh. this is not great. i was prepared to be spun up on marrone.

    let’s hope if it comes down to Plan D (after obrien, marrone, kelly) that a step back is taken and sober re-calibration is made. dont want no knee-jerk PR hires.

  • I guess we will just have to step back and wait… I like Wizz, and the possibility of McCoy, but I really am still hoping for Kelly.. He is a real wild card, and It could turn out pretty dang awsome for us.. or it will suck, but we can still always hope, they can’t take that away from us…

  • MrCleaveland

    I’ve become weary of the Kelly drama. All it’s done is give me more time to doubt the wisdom of hiring him. I hope we drop him and hire a coach who can take what we already have and make it better.

  • maxfnmloans

    this is how we end up with Josh McDaniels and Mike Lombardi, all while Banner cackles menacingly from behind a curtain

  • maxfnmloans

    and paying players in the NFL is legal

  • EdgewaterJoe

    NOT LOVIE SMITH. The guy’s offense makes Pat Schurmur look like Chip Kelly, and he had years to figure it out with a decent QB on the staff.

    If you want an available HC with a ring and some knowledge of offense, you still have Haslem’s buddy Jon Gruden out there if Kelly doesn’t …

  • Roosevelt

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat… If the Browns want him and he wants a HC job, then they can agree on a particular coordinator or system other than what he was running in Chicago. Besides, for all his offensive woes, his defense without any offense was good enough to get to a Super Bowl.

  • mgbode

    All a stall tactic for saban?

  • maxfnmloans

    Here’s another question: If Chip Kelly turns down both the Browns and Iggles and returns back to Oregon, does he EVER get another shot at the NFL? If he does, it wouldn’t be for a while, right? I would think if he leaves teams at the altar in successive years, NFL GM’s are going to lose their infatuation with him quickly. Crying wolf, in some fashion.