NFL News: Chip Kelly is staying at Oregon

The news that was expected for the last few hours appears to be here. Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Chip Kelly will indeed return to Oregon.

Schefter doesn’t even mention the Browns in his tweet. So the Browns can now officially move on to the rest of the board of candidates.

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  • MeandH

    I’m glad. No use begging someone who doesn’t want to be here. Especially an unproven unknown.

  • ehsteve14

    Unproven? Yes.
    Unknown? No.

  • gren

    One more run at Nick Saban Tuesday?

  • Dinner

    Hmm… From my perspective, The fans would’ve expected Kelly to change the Browns from a 5-11 team to a 16-0 team overnight. Virtually every play would have been criticized, and his reputation, of being a great and innovating coach, would have been eviscerated with every loss he gets.

    Therefore, even though I wanted him to be the next coach of the Browns, I think he may have made the right decision to stay at Oregon.

  • NewProdigy

    I learned way more about Chip Kelly than I ever should have

  • Bryan

    Updated: 1. Saban, 2. Whisenhunt

  • Lunch

    I once saw a tweet stating that Bruce Arians wanted the Browns coaching job, but he never got an interview with them. With Chip Kelly out of the way, maybe Bruce now has a chance.

  • Bryan

    I once saw a tweet (from a credentialed media folk) that Chip Kelly was the next coach of the Browns.

  • mgbode

    still like Brian Kelly too. and Lovie should be ahead of The Whis IMO.

  • Kildawg

    No Lovie for Smith to be the next Browns HC? Whisenhunt would be a good fit, especially if he keeps the defense with Jauron. However, Whisenhunt is in love with that 3-4 defense…

  • Tron

    Now lets hope the Eagles don’t try and swoop in and steal our 4th ranked HC. I know everyone’s been clamoring for info from the browns on candidates, but I’d rather them be as secretive as possible to avoid another team catching wind of our target

  • Tums

    The “fans” would have expected 16-0 overnight? I am not sure about that…

  • Lovie Smith? How wil lhe turn around our offense? Seems to me he had what most call a “franchise QB” and still had a horrible offense. We can do better.

  • enjoy your NCAA sanctions Chip. After your forrays in the past 2 yrs as a coaching candidate you may find that the NFL says “No Thanks”

  • CtownDAWGpound

    I should have waited until he was “officially” hired before I bought all of these visors!!! Now my only hope is that the Browns get Chuckie to be their next coach.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I really wish that would happen… it would be so gratifying to see the guy who jerked 3 NFL teams around never get another chance at the big show. However, I don’t see it… the NFL has always shown that it will pay for on-the-field talent regardless of off-the-field issues.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Is it just me, or does the shine come off just a bit after Chip Kelly walked away. I had really talked myself into him and the fact that he’s an offensive genius who would fix our team’s woeful ways. To be fair, I probably wasn’t be realistic (hyperbole), but now I find myself pretty apathetic towards the remaining candidates. Whisenhunt? M’eh. Horton? Bah. Arians? Guh. Someone help me realize that I was wrong and that I should get excited about coaching candidate X.

  • mgbode

    Cutler is not a franchise QB. And, Lovie is a defensive guy. I think he could take our defense to the next level (which it needs to do).

    For the offense, Lovie is not married to any scheme and is willing to have an open mind (see the OC’s he had in Chicago). I think with an OL that he never had there he would be able to attract good OC prospects and willing to interview many candidates.

  • Toddyus

    I agree. Overnight is overstating it. We would have given him 17 weeks…