NFL News: Browns retain Warhop as OL coach

And we have more news related to the formation of the assistants around Rob Chudzinski in Cleveland. Chris Mortensen at ESPN was the first to report this news:

George Warhop, 51, will remain as the Browns OL coach in 2013. He was one of four assistant coaches who was previously retained after the Eric Mangini regime came to an end after 2010. So this coming season will be his fifth in Cleveland.

Previously, Warhop was the OL coach for the 49ers from ’05-’08, for Dallas from ’03-04 and for Arizona from ’98-’02. Notably, Norv Turner was his offensive coordinator in San Francisco in 2006 and Turner has long been rumored to be the leading candidate to be named the Browns’ offensive coordinator soon.

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  • skepticalBrownie

    There’s that “soon” word again…

  • Harv 21

    When reporters asked the key to his longevity, three times the Berea average, Warhop said, “I’m not really sure anyone knows I’m here. Every time Holmgren or Haslam walk in we’re watching film in the dark or I just step behind Joe Thomas. “

  • porckchop

    Now that is a good way to chase away a case of the Mondays

  • mgbode

    oh no. oh hell no. i believe you’d get punched in the face for saying something like that.

  • mgbode

    as for Warhop, I think it’s a good retainment. Anytime a guy gets held over a coaching regime twice and his unit is considered among the best (at least pass blocking) in the NFL, it can be nothing but a good thing.