NBA Rumors: Cavs could trade Speights, Gibson, Casspi before deadline

After making a deal earlier in the week, trade winds are swirling once again regarding the Cavaliers. In Marc Stein’s Weekend Dime on ESPN.com, he talks of the possibility of the Cavs moving newly acquired Marreese Speights, Daniel Gibson, and Omri Casspi.

“Don’t be shocked if the Cavaliers decide to move Speights on again before the Feb. 21 deadline.

The Cavs obviously aren’t in the playoff hunt and word is they’re already receiving interest in Speights, who possesses a $4.5 million player option for next season. The Cavs are also armed with $12 million in expiring contracts and roughly $4 million in leftover cap space for the summer, which means they’ve got the tools to continue to be active before this deadline.”

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I like the continued flipping onto Curtain #2!

  • Wow

    If this is true, then good-bye Casspi, thanks for giving us nothing. And besides one game against Detroit, I won’t miss Gibson too much either.

  • cmm13

    Don’t be shocked if the Cavs DON’T move Speights before the deadline as well.

    They worked out Speights for several days before the draft but missed him by two spots. They like him and his ability to shoot as a big man.

    Wonder how he did last night in his debut….oh, what’s that you say….he came off the bench and immediately made an impact? No way.

  • JeBron_Lames

    Keep Speights.

  • mgbode

    i’m a fan of Speights as well. he was miscast in Memphis. hopefully, what he showed continues here. the only issue is if we fear about re-signing him because if he has a good run then he’s opting out.

  • Jaker

    Only way we trade Speights is if we get a decent first round pick. If there’s not a fantastic offer, we will keep him and trade him next year, unless we plan on signing him to a longer contract. I don’t see why he would opt out early, so there’s no rush to trade Him. He could be an excellent big coming off the bench, adding size and scoring at the 4&5. Usually you not trade that unless he gets too expensive

    As for Gibson, Casspi and possibly Walton: get what you can get, because none will be back next season, unless its a league minimum 1 year deal.

  • Matt

    I mean, it’s one game, but I was court side last night and was very impressed with Speights. He’s a physical bruiser, and he doesn’t look like he’s out there to make any friends. I could easily see him being a great garbage man off the bench for a playoff team (like I hope we are next year). And I could easily see him clotheslining D Wade in the 4th quarter of a game 7. I just get the sense he’s that kind of guy. I’d like to see him stay if his play last night is an indicator of what we’ll get on a nightly basis.

  • mgbode

    why he would opt out:
    1. Weak FA class (big men in particular)
    2. Big men like Kwame Brown sign for $7mil+/season

  • Lawrence

    Yea , trade Speights for Howard , Gibson for Wade , Crapsi for Melo and keep Walton for trade bait for number one draft spot other than those deals , we in trouble for along time and we need all four of those deals , not just 3 of them , Unless you watched last nights game and are as excited as some of the rest of the people on here, then you too can keep dreaming .

  • I like Speights and what he brings, especially because he’s still relatively young and can continue to grow with the minutes he’ll be getting here. However, I trust Grant’s judgement at this point. If he can pull the trigger that nets us a 1st rounder in the upcoming draft then it wouldn’t be bad. Having Speights will take away a few pingpong balls.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    Agreed – I don’t see why he wouldn’t opt out. If he goes on the market, I think he’ll do better than a 1-year, $4.5M deal, which I believe is what his player option is.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    I can’t wait until Chris Grant turns Jon Leuer into multiple first-round picks.

  • cmm13

    Totally miscast in Memphis. And I see two upsides to Speights into next year if he has a good run and we fear resigning him.

    1. He helps propel us into the playoffs next year which will be a must to prime the teams value for the impending free agency spree of 2014 Gilbert and Grant are undoubtedly planning.

    2. His EC is valuable and could be graded for additional bench role players or picks.

    ….now he is also on record saying he knew the Cavs have always liked him and he appreciates getting to play for a team that has valued him for awhile. That could help in restructuring a deal that keeps him as a solid bench player here. Who knows.

  • architrance

    We need whatever they can get. Don’t be so pessimistic, they managed to turn Leuer into a guaranteed lottery pick and three marginally valuable players. If they can manage to flip any of these assets into more/better draft picks or higher upside players, it would be an absolute coupe. Speights is clearly not an “untouchable” on this team. If we can get something good for him, they should absolutely move him.

  • THATguy

    LIKELY lottery pick… not GUARANTEED.

  • King Me

    No, it’s actually guaranteed. It’s a top 3 protected lottery pick until 2018 or ’19 I believe, and then it’s any lottery pick after that.

  • mgbode

    not quite guaranteed. top5 protected ’15-18 (and also has to be in lottery or we pass to the next year). 2019 we get the pick no matter what.
    So, if the Grizz make the playoffs or finish bottom5 every single year between ’15-18, then make the playoffs in 2019, we might not get a lottery pick.

  • steve-o

    Speights is exactly the kind of player we want to acquire using minimal assets and the bank of Dan Gilbert. He is young, shows some talent and has upside. For all we know, he may prove to be the best big man on our roster. There is no reason to trade Speights to acquire more assets that will probably be used to get more players like him (unless he can be used to acquire a legitimate superstar, which i doubt).

  • mgbode

    the problem with Speights is that by waiving his no-trade provision (special 1yr deal in new CBA) he also waived our Bird rights on him. so, we cannot go over the cap to sign him.

    now, I don’t think that will be an issue for us (we are far enough under the cap), but he’ll also be an UFA. so, we have no guarantee that he’ll sign here (and I think he opts out). if we feel we have a decent shot at re-signing him, then I think we keep him. if we feel he’s going to be looking elsewhere, then we should trade him even though I like him.

    I think we keep him, but I understand why Grant would be listening.

  • King Me

    I see, thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t aware that the lottery rollover expired the same time as the top 5 protection.