NBA News: Varejao will undergo surgery; out 6 to 8 weeks

The Cavaliers announced today that center Anderson Varejao will have surgery Thursday to repair his injured knee. From the team:

“Cavaliers Center Anderson Varejao was injured during the Cavaliers game against the Toronto Raptors on December 18th at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. Diagnosis was a right knee contusion, specifically to the vastus medialis which connects to the medial (inner) border of the patella. As Varejao’s treatment and recovery process continued, an MRI revealed the contused area included a small longitudinal split in the vastus medialis. Despite continued, gradual recovery of the contusion, symptoms also continued in the specific area of the split. Another MRI revealed an increase in the split and symptoms persisted. Dynamic ultrasound imaging also revealed tissue from underneath the split was herniating and pinching with knee flexion.

A second opinion was recently obtained with Dr. J. Richard Steadman of The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, which confirmed Cavaliers Head Team Physician Dr. Richard Parker of the Cleveland Clinic’s recommendation for surgical intervention. Varejao will undergo surgery this Thursday (January 10th) at the Cleveland Clinic and is expected to be out for six to eight weeks.”

The NBA trade deadline is February 21st. For those wondering, that is exactly six weeks from Thursday.

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  • architrance

    Freaking Andy. I can’t believe people were against trading him when he was hot.

  • pete


  • Vindictive_Pat

    Rick, this post hurts my feelings and I think you should take it down immediately.

  • MrCleaveland

    Alas, Andy = Grady

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Sigh, again?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Fan favorite that’s why but he definitely should have been shopped the problem was the odds were great that he’d go down before you could.

  • Harv 21

    more ping-pong balls … woohoo!

    Meanwhile, overheard in players-only meeting: if that’s what happens when you play defense, no thanks!

  • Nice.

  • ThatAlex

    I think this seals the deal that Varejao will play out the rest of his contract with the Cavs. Even if he somehow puts up All-Star numbers the next couple years, no team is going to want to part with promising young talent or a lottery pick for a guy that is this much of an injury risk.

  • @TheDeePagel

    Tyler Zeller dislikes this.

  • saggy

    aaaaaaaaand…shoulda, woulda, coulda.

    The Cavs needed to press other teams to make a move for him. Now, I see us trading him to a playoff team for a late first-round pick. boo.

  • ThatAlex

    There is no point in that. We already have Miami/LAL/Sacramento mid-late first round pick. Even an Andy who only plays 1/3 of the season would be worth more than that kind of return in a trade.

  • Danny

    This is just too bad
    No more trade machine fun times
    Cavs in a tough spot

  • Breakfast

    I take it the likelihood of trading a injured player is very low correct?

  • ThatAlex

    Rare, but not impossible. In most cases it is done for salary cap reasons.

  • Nick canton

    Another black mark for Chris Grant. Won’t get anything of value now. Should have had more urgency to trade him.

  • mgbode


  • bryan

    Andy hurt again.
    Folks moving towards “trade him”.
    Feel better Andy.

  • Natedawg86

    Tape it up, drink some water, change your socks

  • Dinner

    Maybe because the people feels that Varejao is more valuable here than some rookie who might, or might not, become as good as Varejao? Or maybe (I think more likely), that Byron Scott values Varejao’s presence very highly because of his experience as well as his performance on the court, not to mention his personality on and off the court. A little food for thought for ya.

  • Natedawg86

    I would say more Mia/LAL no way we are cashing in Sac pic this year. We may not even get the chance for the LAL pick, so there is a possibility that we only will have ours and late Mia pick in first rd. Sac will not break out of the bottom 12, and hopefully the Lakers lose the next 5-6 then make the playoff push and take the 8th seed, netting us the 15 or 16 pick in Rd 1.

  • Dinner

    Just because you want Varejao to be traded, does not mean that this action should be another black mark on Chris Grant.

  • Jack

    Is the LAL pick lottery protected?

  • mgbode


  • Steve

    Odds were that the Warriors were interested in him around draft time. He wasn’t getting hurt in the offseason.

  • Steve

    Maybe some people need to reevaluate the weighing of short term and long term benefits.

  • Wow

    should have traded him when they had the chance

  • Dinner

    Maybe they should, or maybe they shouldn’t. It depends on what type of opinion they have. And is up to the other person to provide a thorough reasoning to convince that other person to change their opinion.

  • Dinner

    But they didn’t. Why, I don’t know. My best guess is that Grant sees more value having Varejao here than getting some other team’s draft pick(s) that we don’t know when, or where, of if we can use them, or on another player that we don’t know if he’s compatible with Byron Scott’s system or not.

  • cmm13

    Rub some dirt on it.

  • Jaker

    So January 10th+6 to 8 weeks= No trade to help us build a contender

  • Jaker

    Can’t trade the injured
    No blockbuster “THIS” year
    Waiting for next year

  • Jaker

    Why? Because Grant got greedy and held out for the best possible deal. Had nothing to do with Andy’s value on the team, just with how much value he could get

  • Dinner

    You got any info that states that Grant is actively looking to trade Varejao, and is holding out for the best possible deal?

  • Natedawg86

    Yeah, but it is not our pick, only the option to trade our pick which could work out since we have Miami’s first round pick.