MLB News: Jeanmar Gomez traded to Pirates for Quincy Latimore

Last week the Indians designated Jeanmar Gomez for assignment to clear a roster space for one of their shiny new free agent additions.  Today, as Keith Law reported, the club traded Gomez to Pittsburgh for minor league outfielder Quincy Latimore.

Since breaking into the Big Leagues in 2010, Gomez has thrown 206.2 innings for the Indians with a career record of 14-16 and 5.18 ERA.  While never a strikeout pitcher (he had the seventh lowest K% in the AL last season among pitchers with at least 80 IP), the 24 year old Gomez may be able to find success in the NL, where his groundballing ways (career GB% of 49.2%) could play a bit better in the back end of a rotation.

Of course, around these parts, Gomez will always be best remembered for the perfect game he tossed for the Double-A Aeros against the Trenton Thunder in May 2009.  The best laid plans of Aeros and Thunder….

Latimore is a soon-to-be 24 year old former 4th round draft pick who has never progressed beyond Double-A in the Pirates organization.  Last season, over 126 games for the Altoona Curve, Latimore bat .251/.321/.433 (.754 OPS) with 10 stolen bases.  He has demonstrated some skill for hitting LHP, posting an .840 OPS against southpaws in his two Double-A seasons with Altoona, and his OBP-AVG split would suggest a degree of patience at the plate, but his overall skill-set would fall somewhere between “nebulous” and “dubious”  on a Big League prospect scale.

Gomez likely would have struggled to make the Indians’ rotation out of spring training considering the recent additions of Trevor Bauer, Brett Myers, and Scott Kazmir, and the consequent roster crunch likely cost him his spot.  The trade at least (and probably at most) brings an organizational player to the Indians and prevented the club from getting nothing in return for clearing Gomez from the roster.

  • JeBron_Lames

    Done and done.

  • Kildawg

    Added OF depth at Double-A for an underachieving SP. Indians should trade or DFA a pitcher or two for (at least) AAA-level OFs (considering there are 23 pitchers on the 40 man right now but only 5 OFs). New old guys Myers and Swisher are included.

  • mgbode

    so they gave up multiple years of Gomez for 1 year of Gomez (in the form of Myer). In the end, this doesn’t change anything.

  • NewProdigy

    In other news I had hamburger helper for dinner tonight

  • WFNYJon

    Are you making a Jeanmar Gomez = Brett Myers comp? I’m not a huge Myers guy, but that doesn’t seem remotely fair considering their respective pedigrees.
    Agree though that this move means nothing for the Big League team. Neither Gomez nor Latimore has a role on it.

  • mgbode

    not really. just Myers is taking Gomez’s SP5 spot allowing this to happen. Still, not really fair as Gomez doesn’t even have a 100IP season, but it still irks me that we didn’t go after Marcum and got stuck with a guy who will likely be a 4.5-5.0 ERA guy this year for us. I’ll be over it by the time catcher and pitchers report.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Be careful with how often you have that stuff, it’s loaded with sodium!

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Hmmm, so we traded a Grey Ghost for two Tom Swifts? Nice.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    They should and could still pursue Marcum I feel but the Myers signing didn’t exactly thrill me either but he’ll be no worse then Gomez or whoever else was #4 or #5 in the rotation. He might be better too every once in awhile Myers pitched well. I was hoping for Gomez but he never stepped up. Disappointing.

  • mgbode

    could have sworn I saw that they are done going after the more pricey FAs at this point. $7mil for ~4.5ERA as a starter in the NL is not what I had in mind is all. I’d prefer we found an extra $4mil and got Marcum.


  • Steve

    The chances of multiple years of Gomez was almost nonexistent. He was out of options and was 8th or so on the depth chart.

  • mgbode

    most likely. as mentioned below, this was more a shot at the Myers signing as I’m upset we picked him over Marcum.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    First I don’t believe everything I read, second I don’t believe almost everything the Indians say and lastly maybe the longer Marcum goes unsigned the lower his cost will be, ya never know.

  • Steve

    Of course, in Cleveland, we rarely get to do that much of the picking when it comes to FAs.