Browns fans split on Chip Kelly and Bruce Arians as favorite coaching candidate

As the Browns start to interview candidates and whittle down the list, I was curious where Browns fans were on the list of candidates. I posted the question to our Facebook page to let everyone weigh in, and two candidates emerged as the favorites.

Some of the comments were interesting too. (I will eave them unattributed because I didn’t tell anyone that their comments would be featured here.)

“They would be a fool not to go after Arians. He earned his star this year in Indy, but even more so, knows how to mold QBs, was excellent with PIT, was our OC in our only play off year in new era, and most importantly he knows how to win in the AFC North.”

A lot of people were torn between Arians and Kelly as well.

“I’m torn between Arians and Kelly, but I went with Kelly because I am intrigued by his offense. Systems similar to him are thriving (i.e. Seattle) right now. I’m just curious what that would mean for us at QB, as we’d have to get rid of Weeden and go after a more mobile QB…Tebowmania might be coming to Cleveland if that happens.”

I’ll just say no to Tebowmania right now, thank you very much.

“Don’t forget Browns fans couldn’t see Arians leave fast enough. Once again stupid Cleveland/fans run a guy out of town who has success elsewhere. It doesn’t matter who they hire if you change coaches and QBs every 2 years.”

Some love for Marrone too.

“I think Marrone is getting unfairly overlooked because he is HC at Syracuse, but his record with the Saints and turning around the Orangemen is pretty impressive.”

Lastly, some from the “Other” camp. Mike McCoy from the Broncos garnered a comment. He worked with Tim Tebow a year ago to orchestrate the win over the Steelers before hitting easy street with Peyton Manning this year. Of course Jim Tressel also got a vote of confidence, although that was roundly mocked thereafter.

So we’ll see, of course. I’m of the mindset that there’s just a limited amount that we can know about these candidates without the benefit of actually interviewing them. Staring at their resumes via statistics will make you blind after awhile and rarely tells the tale, I think.


  • curry1

    The thing that kills me about Arians is he made almost as many mistakes as Pat Shurmur during the one game they “matched wits”. Maybe he was just coaching down to his competition, but I wasn’t super impressed.

  • Kris

    I wouldnt pull the trigger on any of them….Jon Gruden all the way!

  • lovie smith???? browns D is underrated and Lovie is A defense Guru!

  • Natedawg86

    If Tebow comes to CLE, it will be hard for me to root for the Browns… We just got a few bigger guys that can catch the ball in traffic and a burner deep threat. If Tebow is our plan, might as well just let Cribbs play QB.

  • thenoclist

    Why isn’t Lovie Smith a candidate? All the ones in this graph would be terrible.

  • Craig M

    I think what’s overlooked is we actually have a shot at getting the guy we want, which seems to rarely happen in Cleveland sports.

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack

    I am surprised “other” is beating Nick Saban

  • I haven’t heard Lovie even mentioned in the same sentence as the Browns yet. I also didn’t put Eric Mangini on the list for fear of activism in the polling. 🙂

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I saw the Canton Repository did this poll as well, but theirs included Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher (I have no idea why, neither is coming here). Gruden and Cowher garnered something like 70% of the fan vote. I like to think that this points to the intelligence of WFNY readers as to why the “Other” category wasn’t voted for more often, but then again I like to toot my own horn as being intellectually superior to the newspaper website crowd. With that said, I really don’t know which one is my favorite… I think several of them are intriguing including Arians, Jay Gruden, Saban, and Mike McCoy. I’m not as convinced that Kelly’s offense will work in the NFL, but I’m not necessarily against hiring him.

  • RGB

    No Chip Kelly!
    That offense has been tried…we don’t need Chuck And Duck redux.

  • Garry_Owen

    To be fair, “other” includes Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown, Chuck Noll, Tom Landry, and Jesus Christ himself. So . . .

  • woofersus

    Still, Lovie Smith would be my choice. Perhaps that’s why “Other” did so well.

  • Garry_Owen

    When asked whether he had any interest in being the Browns head coach, Jon Gruden said, “I really like that Brown team. That Brown offense has the pieces. I really like a lot of the young players on the Brown offense. They can really play. And that Brown defense? I really like that Brown defense!”
    Gawd, please let the name “Jon Gruden” die quickly as a potential option and/or rumor.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Which Brown on each side of the ball do you think he was referring to? I am thinking it’s Weeden (apparent man-crush from his QB camp, although he seems to man-crush on everyone) and Joe Haden (duh).

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I wouldn’t assume Kelly would bring his exact college offense to the NFL. It’ll be interesting to see what he says about that after his BCS bowl is won and he can take his muzzle off (sorry K-State fans… I’m assuming a loss for you).

  • saggy

    guys like Chip Kelly don’t sit on their laurels. I bet that Kelly has played with his ideas enough to have a pretty good sized NFL playbook.

    When you’re a genius (not speaking from experience!) you can’t help but continue to create. Kelly is certainly a high-end football thinker, and I can’t imagine him being unprepared to speak about how his offense translates to – or changes in – the NFL.

    I’m not saying he is my first choice, just making a point. I would be very intrigued by what he would do with Weeden, Colt, etc… I can’t think the brass would want to draft ANOTHER QB this year. Please no.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    I wasn’t impressed with Arians, and his age would certainly point to them looking elsewhere.

    I really like what McCoy has done in Denver, considering having to change offenses every year.

    That all said, it sounds as if the Browns are looking for a coach who is less about X’s and O’s and more about certain qualities. I think we may all be in for a surprise.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    To clarify – wasn’t impressed with Arians in the Browns’ game. He made nearly as many dumb mistakes as Pat Shurmur.

  • Roosevelt

    If you can’t get who you want, try wanting who you can get.

  • bpanz

    here is what people doesn’t realize, With Kelly you’ll get Tebow. With the other you keep weeden

  • BenRM

    I’m late to the party, but I think it will be a massive mistake to hire Kelly.

  • mgbode

    As long as it’s at fullback then I’m all for giving tebow a shot

  • mgbode

    well you see here this guy already has a full year of the WCO under his belt so we speak the same language. i say triple-zipper-read and he knows what I’m saying. that right there is just some great stuff. it’s just amazing how that communcation thing is just built up already.

  • jmgatskiejr

    I went back 8 Super Bowls and didn’t find a single coach who didn’t have prior NFL coaching experience. There are always unique outliers but I trust historical data when it comes to the Big Game and the Browns ever going there.
    It’s too bad O’Brien is locked in by his conscience and to a lesser degree, buyout, because I think he’s ready but I can’t knock him for staying.