Box Score: Cavaliers 92, Bulls 118

Instant analysis: I’m sick and tired of watching the Cavaliers get blown out by the Bulls without Derrick Rose.




K. IrvingG28:554-112-25-6-71363001215
C.J. MilesG24:035-114-71-1-30301201515
T. ZellerC34:452-80-02-4-25263202236
T. ThompsonF32:026-120-02-2-114832113214
A. GeeF27:142-71-23-4-14111311148
Percentages.423.500.826Team Rebounds: 5
D. Waiters27:466-110-16-6-180612100418
K. Jones20:202-30-00-0-12222110004
S. Livingston15:352-40-00-0-17011201024
O. Casspi15:312-50-10-0-15001010014
J. Leuer8:532-40-10-0-4111010114
J. Pargo4:560-20-00-0-4000000000
L. WaltonDNP – Coach’s Decision


R. HamiltonG20:443-70-02-4+4023010018
K. HinrichG20:112-42-30-0+4133100046
J. NoahC32:205-130-01-1+571145040211
L. DengF38:247-122-23-3+202573403219
C. BoozerF29:248-160-08-8+1721141112324
Percentages.537.714.833Team Rebounds: 8
M. Belinelli25:095-83-42-2+240151100015
N. Robinson24:145-83-41-1+240172100214
T. Gibson23:268-90-02-3+232703120218
J. Butler10:031-20-01-2+6131111013
N. Mohammed8:430-20-00-0+9120101040
M. Teague3:080-00-00-0-2000100000
D. Cook2:070-10-10-0-2000100000
V. Radmanovic2:070-00-00-0-2010000000

  • @TheDeePagel

    ….and with Rose, too.

  • SDA

    don’t sugar coat it tell us how you really feel

  • mgbode

    we may have the worst defensive 2nd unit in the entire history of the NBA.

    not that the first unit was great last night either, but switching between blowouts (NC game and this one), it seemed like every time I flipped to the Cavs game Taj was getting a wide open inside look or Nate/Bellini were getting wide-open 3pters. Were we even attempting to play defense last night?

  • I would have told you more, but I was trying to stick to the family friendly nature of this website.

  • This is the worst defensive Cavaliers team I can remember, period.

  • mgbode

    I agree. When is too early to be talking about replacement coaches for Scott?

  • It’s getting closer and closer for me. I’m losing patience.

  • SDA

    I didn’t watch the second half because if what you posted, lol. I figured one of us having a temper related stroke was enough

  • SDA

    I love Scott but unless they are tanking I think it may be time to start the chant

  • Indeed, I wouldn’t wish the anger I had last night on anyone.

  • mgbode

    hmmm, positive points.

    1. AV’s development – does Scott get some credit or is this just happening because Andy has more reign w/o LeBron?

    2. TT’s development – and it only took 1.5 years! He’s young, but Scott did drive Hickson out of town already (and then JJ got kicked out of Sacramento too where they put up with Cousins).

    3. Irving’s development – Scott came in touted as a PG nuturer and Irving’s offense has definitely been handled well (it seems). However, he was touted as helping PGs on both sides of the ball (Kidd and CP3 among the best defensive PGs of the last 10yrs). Where is that?

    4. Handles himself with professionalism. yeah, I’m running out already and I’m not sure how much credit he gets for the first 3 bullet points above. Dangit, I think I’m there.

  • SDA

    almost point for point my analysis ……………..

  • mgbode

    i’d counter with even if we are tanking. i will never mind a coach finishing the year though. but, that doesn’t mean the fans cannot contemplate possible replacements.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I see the coach killers are preparing the torches and saddling their horses…

  • SDA

    was thinking……(wheels turning)…… How long can the disdain for Lebrick keep us going. Part of me wonders if I’m more patient because of the whole LeBum debacle (Yet another Cleveland Debacle)

  • mgbode

    the real coach killers are the players who are not playing defense

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Whoa easy pardner!

  • mgbode

    do you disagree 🙂

  • 1. I credit Chris Jent. I think he worked with AV after LeBron left. Not 100% positive about that, but I’m almost sure.

    2. It’s about time. I hope it’s not just a product of AV’s absence.

    3. I give Scott some credit here, but I also think Kyrie is just naturally this good. When I watched him at Duke, I was certain he was going to be an All-Star.

    4. I truly and honestly really like his professionalism. He’s a great character, and someone I’m proud to have representing Cleveland and Ohio.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Not at all home slice I was just rufflin’ yo feathers a little!