Anderson Varejao hospitalized; out for season

The Cleveland Cavaliers announced today that C Anderson Varejao was hospitalized for a blood clot that developed after his knee surgery-

“Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao recently developed a blood clot (small right lower lung pulmonary embolism) and was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic last Thursday (January 17th). He is being treated with blood thinners (anticoagulants) and is expected to stay at the Clinic for several days, while undergoing treatment and observation. He will need to remain on blood thinning medication for approximately three months. While Varejao is expected to fully recover, he will miss the remainder of the current Cavaliers season.

Quote from Cavaliers General Manager Chris Grant: “Clearly our players’ health is our top concern and we are disappointed for Anderson, and his family. We know what a competitor he is and how much he wants to be on the court helping his teammates. In the meantime, he has our full support and we look forward to welcoming him back as he recovers.”

Unbelievable. Certainly first and foremost we here at WFNY wish Andy the best as he recovers from this latest set-back.

What an amazing string of unfortunate injuries and bad breaks.

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  • SDA

    Get well Andy

  • Harv 21

    Wow, the year of the embolism. Glad they caught it. Attention CCF nurses: watch Andy’s elbows. He’s probably not a happy camper right now.

    Maybe next year the Cavs can switch to the unis worn by Brazil’s national team. He never gets hurt playing for them.

  • Jaker

    Wow. One again, Cleveland Clinic coming up clutch.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Top lottery picks secured!

  • Jay

    Didn’t he sprain his ankle at the Olympics or FIBA championships or something like that?

  • Matt

    Scary stuff. Glad they caught it. What a terrible turn of events for Andy.

  • dwhit110

    Blood clot is the new staph infection.

    Seriously though, glad they caught this and that it sounds like Andy will be OK.

  • @TheDeePagel

    This must be the Staph Infection equivalent for the Cavs.

  • Kildawg

    If we traded Andy he would probably be a healthy All-Star averaging a double-double on a team poised to make the playoffs.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    He did, but shhhh Harv is on a roll

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Sending some intense love your way, Andy.

  • BK

    Wow, what a bad break for a Cavaliers’ team that sorely needs them. As has already been said, this helps ensure a higher lottery pick for a guy like Shabazz Muhammad who could be a good fit. Also, since he has an affordable contract next year, he is still a trade option going forward. At least no one on this board thinks the Cavs “blew” an opportunity to trade him sooner….getting an unprotected first round pick or a stud young player was always a pipe dream….

  • saggy

    sorry – Cavs absolutely blew their chance to trade him. What can they get for him now? NOTHING.

    Not sure why you think getting a 1st round pick for him was a pipe dream. You think OKC, San Antonio, or Miami would be hesitant to deal their #1 for Andy? For the NBA’s leading rebounder? For a no-brainer all-star? For the guy who would shore up any frontline?

  • Robbie

    I’d never heard of blood clots in the lungs before it happened to my dad (both lungs!) in mid-October, which was the same time that Jason Pinkston was diagnosed with it. Yeah, blood clots are the new staph infection for NEO.

  • Steve

    There may or may not have been an overwhelming offer (though Varejao for the Warriors’ #7 pick last year looks pretty overwhelming the way Drummond is playing, and Barnes still having been on the board too), but there definitely were deals with young players and picks coming back on the table. I’m not sure why you would suggest there wasn’t.

  • mgbode

    Glad they caught it. But he has to be healthy at a trade deadline to actually trade him

  • Steve

    Glad they caught it too, but they could have traded him when he was healthy in the offseason.

  • zonk

    1) Andy, get well soon…

    2) Does anyone know if we have the right to swap the Miami pick this year for the Lakers pick, or is it the other way around (the Lakers owning the right to swap picks, which of course they would never do now)? Just wondering if the Cavs are drafting 4 and 13 this year or 4 and 30.

  • Harv 21

    Facts? Anyone with a handheld who can spell halfway to FIBA can get facts.

    I am more of an artiste. Facts are just one more color on my palette. (Have no idea what I’m saying. OK, he doesn’t get hurt as much playing with his beach buddies)

  • Harv 21

    Believe we have a right to take the Lakers’ pick provided they make the playoffs. So hope they rally and get the 7th or 8th seed. Otherwise that could be the best roster in history to miss the playoffs.

  • Guest

    If you look at Lakers record and their lack of momentum right now that doesn’t look likely that they will make the playoffs. Of course the one year this decade they don’t make it, is the year the Cavaliers would benefit most from it.

  • mgbode

    depends on what teams were truly offering. if it was true GS would have given up the #7 overall pick, then we should have jumped at it. i think (if that was even ever on the table) that they would have been the ones to walk away from that deal.

  • mgbode

    yeah, I guess that is karma evening out us getting the #1 overall pick twice when true franchise players were available the past 10yrs.

  • Steve

    The rumor had enough legs to get its own story here, said that we walked away from Varejao + 24 for 7.

    And even if that wasn’t on the table, are we going to pretend there weren’t any decent offers? Sure, the return may have been less than what we hoped for, but it’s better than holding on to a couple injury plagued seasons that you’re still picking at the top of the draft.

  • Steve

    Actually we don’t get it if they miss the playoffs, according to the PD, Larry Coon, and sometimes Sam Amico.

  • Steve

    Misread guest’s post, apparently we’re all on the same page.

  • mgbode

    if Chris Grant believed the haul would be better at the trade deadline and believed in AV’s development (that obviously was happening), then I do not fault him for trying to wait it out.

    stuff happens, it’s a shame, but we’ll roll with it and perhaps having Andy will prove beneficial down the road. it’s not like he’s clogging the cap.

  • Long live Chief Wahoo!