While We’re Waiting… Varejao as a burrito wrapper?

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Very good read on trading Varejao– “Varejao’s internal value matches — or exceeds — his external value. The only way to understand a basketball player’s value is through context. Put a ball-dominant scorer on a team loaded with offensive talent, and his value may wane. Acquire a versatile defender that allows for cross-matching throughout the lineup, and the situational value of other defenders could skyrocket. Deals between teams often capitalize on those discrepancies in context — because a player could be worth more to one team than another, franchises with varied interests are able to swap assets and both feel like they benefited.

In theory, it’s that quirk of player evaluation that could allow the Cavs — who wouldn’t be able to use Varejao’s defensive savvy to the same title-chasing ends as, say, the Spurs — to deal their All-Star-caliber forward away for the sake of picks and prospects deemed more valuable to a rebuilding club. But this is a case in which Varejao’s value to Cleveland is likely even greater than his worth would be to a potential contender. The Cavaliers may not be able to vie for a championship any time soon, but Cleveland nonetheless relies on Varejao’s elite-level defense and rebounding to steady a roster of unschooled talent. Through the Cavs’ limitations, Varejao is able to maximize his on-court impact to the point where he’s been one of the best players in the league through 18 games. He takes full advantage of his per-possession rebounding dominance, thwarts pick-and-rolls consistently over heavy minutes and capitalizes on the Cavs’ lack of competent scorers by expanding his offensive game. Plus, in compensating for his teammates’ weaknesses all over the floor, Varejao makes one of the worst rosters in the NBA look fairly passable at times.” [Mahoney/The Point Forward]


“The dynamic sophomore of Wayne High School in Huber Heights was a blur on the ground this season, but he wasn’t very effective in situations where he was expected to pull the ball and run because nothing was open down field. “As athletic as he is, he’s not a great scrambler,” said Meyer, who called former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young the best he’s ever seen.

“I’m going to do a study, I don’t think he had any yards this year scrambling. It was all runs. That’s something we’re going to work on. When it’s open, take it. That is a concern, that’s something we’ll address.” Miller still managed to rack up a school quarterback record 1,271 yards on the ground this season. He had six 100-yard rushing games, including an OSU quarterback record 186 yards against Nebraska, but it appeared as though defenses started to figure him out towards the end of the year.” [Castel/The O Zone]


Analyzing snap counts from Sunday– “I’d have to go back and check, but I think this was the first time all season that Joshua Cribbs didn’t receive a single snap on offense. That could have to do with the fact that he was banged up and missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday. Other than that, the playing time distribution matched the status quo from the past couple of games. There weren’t any dropped passes and guys had a lot of yards after the catch, which is always a plus. Greg Little’s block on a long catch-and-run by Mohamed Massaquoi was nice.” [Pokorny/Dawgs by Nature]


“If the Cavaliers were ingredients on a Chipotle burrito, what ingredients would they be? This extremely important and team-defining question is something that has been on all of our minds at least since 1 o’clock this afternoon when apparently all of us decided to get Chipotle in our different parts of the country (except Angelo, who got mistakenly got the gumbo from Qdoba and then proceeded to give us the classic analogy of Qdoba is to Chipotle as DeShawn Stevenson is to Michael Jordan). So without further ado, here it is:

Anderson Varejao: Varejao is one of the more hotly contested ingredients because of everything that he does. Some want him to be the steak because of his beefy rebounding ability (and because, well, the steak is the best). However, the best spot for him right now has to be the Tortilla. He is responsible for holding everything together on this team, just as the tortilla holds everything together in the burrito. Also, if he gets traded, this team will most likely fall apart, and we will all be forced to get Burrito Bowls, the ugly step-sister of the burrito.” [Vecenie/Fear the Sword]


Tweet of the day from Buckeyes’ T Reid Fragel on Bielema’s decision to leave Wisconsin for Arkansas– “Scared him right out of the Big Ten… ” [Twitter]

  • Porckchopexpress

    Steak is the “best”? Do these guys go to Chipotles where Barbacoa is not served? Cant respect anything else they say.

  • mgbode

    i am so glad that i live in a place where Chipotle burritoes are considered the dog food that they rightly are.

    so many better places to get a burrito than McDonald’s.

  • mgbode

    In other news, Seattle just cut Braylon Edwards making it the 2nd time a playoff contending team has “dropped” him in-season in the last 2 years.

    So, now Braylon knows how a football thrown to him feels.

  • eldaveablo

    Dude, carnitas.

  • dwhit110

    Couldn’t agree more. Barbacoa FTW

  • porckchopexpress

    I agree* on the quality, its not even the best “quick” burrito in its home town (Illegal Pete’s better and cooler). You seem to have fallen prey to the same problem my Western living brother has. You have been spoiled by good Mex for so long that you forget how hard it is to come by in Kielbasa town. I have yet to find a place in the Cleveland, Akron, Canton, “Megalopolis” that offers Southwestern US quality Mexican/Latin food. Its tough up here, show some sympathy.

    *While I agree that Chipotle is not “good” the first one opened in Montrose around 1999/2000 and I fed me for my last (6th) year of college and beyond. So while I know it technically isn’t “good” it falls into a category with items such as Frankenberries, King Dons, or Stouffers french bread pizzas, and other things that I taste with residual college taste buds.

  • porckchopexpress

    I’m not going to get into a carnitas/barbacoa war. However for the question of what suits Andy the best I believe its barbacoa. Nothing, not even Carnitas fills up a burrito like barbacoa, much like Andy fills up a stat line. Barbacoa has a little more flair and spice then Carnitas as well which pays homage to the Wild Thing. Finally if you had all-star voting at Chipotle, I guarantee the Barbacoa would be left off the ballot. The reason is that it is the only one that has a double. If you are choosing a beef product most people are going steak even though steak is boring, and less filling.

    For comparision sake this year I guarantee that Amare’ “Chicken” Stoudemire is going to be voted onto the All-Star team this year. Why? For the same reason people say things like “I’ll just have a coke. or Just gimme a Bud Light, or Steak Burrito I guess”. Thoughtless, brainless, fools, who don’t like to be confused by choices. They are the reason Dharma and Greg got on television, they are the reason really great players get overlooked on all-star teams, and they are the reason we have such crappy choices in Mexican food here in Northeast Ohio. Hallelujah! … Where’s the Tylenol?”

  • Jay

    Same article said that Carnitas is the worst for you. Not even close. They’re all really similar.

    I like the Barbacoa, but it gives me heartburn. I prefer a half chicken half steak combo. Sometime Carnitas though.

    Pro tip with Steak or Barbacoa: Have them put a little salt on the meat.

  • mgbode

    no, i was appreciating that i live in such a place that allows me to be spoiled. i apologize for not showing the sympathy though. the word choices were more flippant than they should have been.

    if you are ever in Austin, let me know and i’ll direct you (and meet you) at the better Mexican restaurants in town for each style*.

    *main styles/types of Mexican food here:
    Guadalajaran (also known as Californian)
    Moneterrean? (also known as Tex-Mex)
    New Mexican (might be my favorite – spiciest variety)
    Generic Taco/Burrito shops

    Heart-stopping fast food style

  • mgbode

    now that is a well done rant.

  • *Clap……….clap…….. clap…*

  • porckchopexpress

    I appreciate the offer, my wife and I have a San Antonio/Austin trip high on our list (Vancouver and Savannah are also up there, we’re kinda lame). Right now Texas is slated for ’16, and by then we will have surely won 3 titles in 3 sports making this site obsolete, so before game 4 of the ’14 WS I’ll get some other way to contact you 🙂

  • mgbode

    perhaps it’ll just be amended to WFNY’s Championship 🙂

  • CBI

    Oh… It… We… have no response. That was perfect.