While We’re Waiting… Struggling Cavaliers

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“Omri Casspi and positive adverbs can stand to be in the same room with each other lately. Now, I can only count on one hand the number of times I have been forced to pay attention to Omri Casspi on a basketball court since Kyrie Irving had his suit drycleaned. However, almost every one of those times I saw something positive. He looks like a walk-on playing defense – earning every minute he gets. (It’s quaint) He seems to be a three point threat, even though a few of the shots have the body language of “this could be my last chance – better make it count”. You could make the case that Casspi’s NBA career has been in decline since he arrived on the scene. But this year might be different. Casspi’s production in general seems to be trending back up.” [Pestak/Cavs the Blog]


“The Bulk of Rubin & Taylor: The Browns’ run defense has been incredible over the past several weeks. In fact, Cleveland now ranks 16th in the league in defending the run. It was a pretty quiet game for the Browns’ defensive line overall, as Palmer rarely faced pressure as he was sacked once and hit one other time. That doesn’t mean the tandem of Ahtyba Rubin and Phil Taylor didn’t have a profound impact on the game.” [Pokorny/Dawgs by Nature]


“It just wouldn’t be right to have a Winter Meetings without some wild talk of multi-team trade possibilities. This year, it’s the Indians who are reportedly in the mix for a blockbuster. Cleveland and Arizona have reportedly been trying to work on a four-team deal that would include sending shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera to the D-backs.’s Anthony Castrovince reported that the Tribe and D-backs have also discussed framework of a traditional trade centered around Cabrera and pitcher Trevor Bauer.

Will this complicated deal come to fruition? They rarely do, due to the many moving parts. I do think Cleveland will trade Cabrera, though not necessarily before these Meetings conclude. There is simply too much smoke not to believe there is a fire burning behind the scenes.” [Bastian/]


“The players who have averaged at least 15 points and 15 rebounds while shooting over 50 percent from the field and over 75 percent from the free throw line in NBA history include: Moses Malone (1982-83), Bob McAdoo (1973-74), Jerry Lucas (1963-64, 1967-68 & 1968-69).

That’s Hall of Famer, Hall of Famer, Hall of Famer, Anderson Varejao.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]


“It’s just that, well, in the NBA, you have to earn respect from the officials. Right or wrong, folks, that’s just the way it goes, and the way it always has. So when you see Cavs rookie center Tyler Zeller get clubbed under the basket . . . with no whistle . . . it likely aggravates you. It aggravates Zeller and the Cavs, too. Especially when Zeller gets called for a ticky-tack foul at the other end. The same applies to rookie guard Dion Waiters and second-year forward Tristan Thompson and on and on and on.

So, what’s Cavs coach Byron Scott to do? The answer is probably not a whole lot. Not anything, really.” [Amico/FSO]

  • BenRM

    I get what’s going on with the Cavs, but I’m still frustrated by it. I really think it’s a better team than it’s 4-win record would suggest.

  • ThatAlex

    It definitely is, but what can you do about injuries? I’m hoping this is all part of the plan to get our last core piece in the 2013 draft.

  • ThatAlex

    Can I just say, I am incredibly excited that Terry Francona is our manager. He’s constantly been talking to our players during the off season and trying to build a relationship with them. I don’t know of any other managers who do that. Also, when was the last time we could have a head coach in Cleveland recruit players in free agency? Players respect Francona, executives respect him, the media respects him, the entire league respects him.

  • eldaveablo

    There was an article on espn yesterday referencng how brutal their schedule has been, and that they are much better than a 4 win team. Hopefully once we get healthy and the schedule evens out they can go on a roll.

  • mgbode

    “He looks like a walk-on playing defense”

    from a defensive talent perspective, the same could have been said last season too.

  • mgbode

    the only reason that Kevin Love didn’t hit that trifecta above in ’10/’11 was that he shot too many 3pters (3per game at 42%!!!). 20pts/15rb/47%FG/85%FT