WFNY Podcast – 2012-12-21 – TD and Kirk talk Kansas vs. Ohio State and college vs. NBA

I got to hang out, drink some decaf and just moderate this badboy. TD is a Kansas grad, Kirk is an Ohio State grad, and they’ll both be attending the matchup this Saturday between the Buckeyes and Jayhawks in Columbus. So, we got everyone on the line and talked about the matchup. Then I started poking the bear to figure out if the regular season in college basketball is worthless and how it compares to the NBA.

  • Ohio State’s early returns and what it means for this Saturday
  • The Buckeyes’ depth and how deep Matta’s rotation goes this year
  • Kansas’ roster and rotation
  • The first real road test for Kansas this season
  • How meaningful is the college regular season?
  • The Final Four, while entertaining, does it really crown the best basketball team?
  • Does it render the regular season useless?
  • Bigtime college matchups vs. TNT and other national NBA matchups
  • Making TD an NBA fan again by drafting Kansas players 🙂
  • Grudge Match

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