WFNY Podcast – 2012-12-13 – Brendan Porath gives his D.C. Browns/’Skins perspective

Last night I caught up with former WFNY’er and current SBNation writer Brendan Porath. Brendan lives in the D.C. area and his entire in-laws are ginormous Redskins fans, so he follows them as closely as any non-fan. We talked about a lot of Browns stuff though. Here’s a shortlist of the stuff I can remember:

  • What’s it been like watching RG3 play locally knowing he was close to becoming a Cleveland Brown
  • At this point, can you even imagine and project what the Browns would be like this year with RG3?
  • Just how bad is the defense for Washington?
  • Is the Redskins’ offensive line and running back good or is it just Mike Shannahan?
  • The perspective of Kyle Shannahan and how it has changed since he became coordinator of RG3
  • Does it change your perspective of Browns offensive coordinators that had to work with, say, Charlie Frye?
  • “Road Tested” on the travel channel
  • Jimmy Haslam and getting to jump over an extremely low bar
  • Tom Heckert and Joe Banner

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