Ulrich: Bruce Arians Deserves A Look From Browns

Nate Ulrich at The Akron Beacon Journal this morning is throwing former Colts interim coach and current offensive coordinator Bruce Arians’s hat into the ring for the Cleveland Browns head coaching job.

“Banner has harped on how important it is for a head coach to possess desirable leadership qualities. Arians, 60, obviously isn’t lacking in that category, and now he has proof.

“You see what he does with offenses,” Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who played for Arians while he was an assistant for the Steelers, said this week during a conference call. “You see what he can do with a team like the Colts. No disrespect to a lot of the Colts’ players, but they’ve got a lot of guys that people probably haven’t heard of. They’re playing obviously with some motivation for Coach Pagano. But [Arians] knows how to motivate guys, and they want to play for him and he’s a players’ coach. He listens to what the assistant coaches and the players have to say. He’s not an ego guy, so I think all those tangibles can make him a good head coach.””

Arians was the Browns’ offensive coordinator from 2001-2003 under Butch Davis.

The Browns, of course, still employ head coach Pat Shurmur heading into the season finale tomorrow against Pittsburgh. Now, as for any days past Black Monday, that seems to be the world’s worst kept secret.

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  • humboldt

    Not a bad idea to give Arians serious consideration. Foge Fazio as defensive coordinator anyone?

  • Lyon25

    No thanks. I didn’t care for him when he was here and I know Steelers fans didn’t care for him either. Lets try to get a coach who is under 60. That’d be great

  • thepaledragon

    I remember not being a fan of Arians as OC when he was here, but I think what he has done this year speaks volumes for his potential as a HC. Aside from QB and WR, the Colts really aren’t much more talented than the Browns, IMO.

  • Henry Brown

    I have a hard time believing Steelers fans don’t wish he was back there now. Of course they’re Steeler fans so whatever. We would be lucky to have him, he’s had success anywhere he’s been .

  • Jason Mumaw

    Nothing against Arians, I would just like to see someone younger. If Haslam has learned anything from the Steelers, it is that you have to pick a coach and stick with him. The fact that he is already 60 would not make this impossible, but less than ideal.

  • Lunch

    My only concern with a younger coach is how much experience he has at the NFL level. For example, I wouldn’t mind Chip Kelly as the next head coach, but I want to surround him with very good and very experienced coordinators with at least some NFL head coaching experience first (one of them being Dick Jauron hopefully).

  • simond

    he was here the last time we made the playoffs

  • ToxicToast

    I agree that Arians’ age is kind of a turn-off. But what i’m hoping to see in the next coach is the ability to transition a young, raw team into a confident, disciplined team capable of winning. That’s something I think Arians has shown at Indy this year.

  • Lyon25

    Now maybe, but I know when he was there there was a lot of griping about him

  • After Dinner Drinks

    It was the hillbilly, three-yards-in-a-cloud-of-dust fans that hated Arians, so not fair to judge that sentiment.

  • After Dinner Drinks

    Yeah, he couldn’t yield maximum results with the Four Deuces ( that went on to achieve monumental results elsewhere), so how could he be a good OC?

  • After Dinner Drinks

    Dear God, no Chip Kelly.

  • Jason Mumaw

    Despite all the posturing, I think that Banner already knows the who he wants and will move quickly to get them . They are going to blow things up Monday, then make a big offer to not only the head coach but the assistants they covet before anyone else can.

  • anyone but shurmur i guess… not sure whos even viable that we can actually reach

  • @TheDeePagel

    How about hire Arians as HC….and let him hand-pick an assistant coach who is more like an apprentice (and younger) who would seamlessly take over after 5+ years?