SI’s profile on Dan Gilbert: “Cleveland never gives up”

Detroit is a town that’s been beaten up, down in the dumps, but has this certain spirit about it. Cleveland does, too. It never gives up. We’re going to keep coming at it. I want to be part of that. I want to be in position to affect the outcome. […] Look, I’m a Midwest guy. I’m basically married to two cities, Detroit and Cleveland. I believe in these cities. I believe they can come back bigger and better than they’ve ever been and I would like other talented people — whether they’re in sports or in business — to believe the same.

Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert via a lengthy profile published by Sports Illustrated — it is well worth the time of every Cavalier fan. In the piece, Gilbert discusses LeBron James, the current state of the Cavaliers, and the future for the team and the city of Cleveland. Seriously: Read it.

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  • Error in that SI column: The Cavs won 61 not 66 games in the last year.

  • That was a nice article, thanks for linking. Gilbert is exactly what the Cavaliers need.