Shurmur: None of us are 100 percent right now

None of us are 100 percent right now. I think that’s fair to say at this time of year. Guys are playing through things. If it gets to the point where you’re injured and you can’t play, like JMJ and T.J. Ward, but if you’re nicked, you play. […] We had that conversation this morning as we move the team forward. I reminded the players, coaching and playing is what we do. At some point, somebody somewhere is going to tell them they can’t do it anymore. They are going to miss it. What we owe ourselves and each other is that you prepare as well as you can, you get hydrated, you get on the plane go out there and play good football, and try to win the football game. That’s what we all owe each other and that’s what we do.

— Browns head coach Pat Shumur on his team goals for the final two weeks despite being eliminated from playoff contention one Sunday earlier.

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  • Harv 21

    assume this is a reference to Dimitri Patterson?

  • Actually, no. First part was in reference to shutting down Richardson. Second was about motivating a team out of contention. That said, there may be something subliminal.

  • mgbode

    As I read it, I was thinking he was making sure that the players are motivated despite the hangman staring from the gallows at this coaching staff.

  • razorzips

    “At some point, somebody somewhere is going to tell them they can’t do it anymore.” is what I am going to here from Joe Banner on Dec. 31st about being the Browns head coach.

  • Big Z

    Pat, I’m 100% – sure that you’re a goofball. I’m trying to enjoy the game on SUN; please don’t turn it into a clown show. Thanks.