Richardson: “we let the whole city of Cleveland down”

Trent Richardson had a few choice words about the way the team played today in Cleveland. He kept it respectful and said a lot of the right things, but you have to wonder if just maybe he questions the gameplan that saw him carry the ball only twice in the second half of a game.

(On if he was surprised by the way this game went after the team played so well the past three weeks)- “It’s very surprising. The way we game planned for the whole week, we thought it was going to be a good outcome, but you’ve got games where some outrageous stuff happens. Today, we let ourselves down and we let the whole city of Cleveland down. Everybody, especially season ticket holders, I feel bad for them and I want to say as a man, I just want to come to them and apologize. This was the last home game. We were supposed to go out with a blast. It was a big ball game for us and we didn’t do what we were supposed to do.”

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  • cmm13

    “Today, we let ourselves down and we let the whole city of Cleveland down.”

    ..and by “we” I mean “Pat”.

  • Jason

    All the goodwill Shurmur had managed to build by beating bad teams came completely undone once he came against a good coach. Outmatched at every turn…

  • Kildawg

    Apparently the Browns stayed in the locker room at halftime…

  • porckchopexpress

    C’mon Trent, don’t beat yourself up. I mean, 50% of the city roots for Pittsburgh. Another 40% gave up on football years ago. Heck even the people in the stands are only homeless vagrants that the city government corrals in the stadium on Sundays in order to keep money from diverting from local church offerring plates. Of the remaining people 9.99% of us knew you’d lose today anyway. So really you only let down .001%of the city of Cleveland, that’s barely a couple hundred people. I disapoint at least 15 people on a daily basis. So figure it this way, you let down 400 people 11 times this year (I’m penciling those in) for 4400 disapointmented people. I let down 15 people everyday which is about 5500. So you see there is at least one person who is a bigger loser than you. Cheers!

  • architrance

    You beat me to it, you can’t let down “the whole city of Cleveland” when the whole city doesn’t care. I gave up on rooting for this franchise a long time ago, and it’s spared me a lot of heartache.

  • BenRM

    Trent seems like a pretty solid human being at this point. Even if he’s not the next AP, I will like having him around.