NBA Rumor: Thunder Continue to be Linked to Varejao

Chuck Myron at HoopsRumors.com discussed the Thunder being linked yet again to Cavaliers forward/center Anderson Varejao in trade talks. It’s the usual suspects in trade pieces with rookies Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones III as well as Toronto’s top-three protected first-round pick in the upcoming draft being mentioned.

“The Thunder have been frequently mentioned as a potential partner in a Varejao deal. Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal reported that the teams have discussed a proposal that would send Perry Jones III, Jeremy Lamb and the Raptors’ 2013 first-rounder that Oklahoma City owns to Cleveland for Varejao. The Thunder would have to give up more to make the salaries match for that deal, though. They could accomplish that by throwing in Hasheem Thabeet, Eric Maynor and DeAndre Liggins, but a five-for-one trade would seriously compromise the Thunder’s depth if anyone got hurt, and I don’t think such a package would be intriguing enough for Cleveland to bite. Lloyd wrote earlier in the month that the Cavs could have their eyes on Serge Ibaka, and Marc Stein of ESPN.com said two weeks ago that rival executives are skeptical Varejao will be dealt because Cleveland’s price for Varejao keeps going up.”

It’s great to hear that the Cavaliers are keeping the asking price high for the hopeful All-Star big, who is leading the league in rebounding with 14.4 boards per game. He will miss his sixth straight game tonight due to a right knee bruise.

This article also points out that Varejao has a slight 5% trade kicker in his salary. It also has a good collection of the prevailing thoughts around the league about whether Varejao will ultimately stay put or not.

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  • Matt “souvenir city” underwood

    No idea if that is a good trade or not… Stopped watching/caring about nba 3 yrs ago

  • co811809

    Lamb, Jones III, Ibaka, and Toronto’s pick sign me up… Love Andy tho.

  • Starting to think they have to consider this more as the losses and Andy injuries pile up.

  • @TheDeePagel


  • I love Andy, but it seems his body is starting to break down…this might be the last opportunity the Cavaliers have to sell high on him.

    Going into last year’s draft Lamb, PJIII, and Zeller were three guys I had my eye on with the 2nd first-rounder. Lamb, Jones, and a 3rd first-rounder sounds like the best offer they’ll probably receive for the big man. Somehow get Ibaka on top of that, even better.

  • I love Andy, but we’re never going to get the pick AND Ibaka.

  • Lyon25

    Totally agree. They’d give too much up for a better Nick Collison

  • Harv 21

    um, so exactly why are you commenting on this thread?

  • That wouldn’t happen in a 1000 years, be realistic, a Trade of Torontos pick, Lamb and Ibaka is more likely or sub out lamb for jones III

  • You people crack me up, the Thunder are not giving up Ibaka, they kept him and signed him to a long term contract over Harden, They are not parting with him for Andy.

  • The hype

    If this occurred our lineup would be:
    PG: Irving/ free agency or draft
    Sg: waiters/lamb (they let boobie walk after season)
    SF: Gee/ free agency or draft
    PF: tristan/ Perry jones
    C: Zeller / free agency or draft
    Three 1st round 2013 draft picks (2 of those most likely lottery)
    Almost have to roll the dice on this.

  • Truth

    That’s because he cost 4 years and 48 million while Harden wanted 5 years and 80 million. I don’t think we would get much more than Ibaka, maybe Lamb, for Andy. If they offered that trade though, I’d accept it in a heartbeat.

  • saggy

    shoot – you beat me to it…

  • saggy

    Thunder DEFINITELY would deal Ibaka and a pick. they aren’t worried about the pick, they are worried about depth. they have this pick to let them make a move. When you’re one piece away, trading for the NBA rebound leader, who is a top defender having a career season, is a no-brainer. I think the Cavs should ask for another player, too.

  • saggy

    I actually didn’t mean Ibaka, i meant Perkins. sorry. regardless, i could see Thunder making a move – but not for all the stuff mentioned above. I think Toronto’s pick, Lamb, and something else would be their limit.

  • typo

    I agree. That was a dumb comment. This is why I stopped reading these sports blogs years ago.

  • Harv 21

    Why I tossed my computer.

  • anthony todd

    To make the $$ work the Cavs would have to take Perkins’ terrible deal and declining production. The Cavs have the flexibility to take that on. No way the Thunder trade Ibaka. Andy replaces Perkins in that line up. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask for Gee as well. With Gee and Sephelosia, they have bodies to check Lebron for 48 minutes. I know they were impressed when Gee shut down Durant in the Cavs’ win last season. Andy’s been sitting out a while with a knee bruise. Curious. All his apparel was 20% off at the team shop the other night. Wouldn’t shock me if this trade is done and knowing that Andy is popular, the Cavs are waiting until the Browns fire Schurmur to take some of the press away from trade.

  • saggy

    wow – diabolical.