Kyrie 4th among East guards in All-Star voting, Varejao not among leaders

The NBA tweeted the first batch of results for All-Star balloting-

Irving is fourth despite missing half the Cavaliers’ games this season.

Anderson Varejao, who leads the league in rebounding with 14.8 per game and has a career high scoring average of 14.3 points is not among the frontcourt players listed in fan balloting. He is 12th.


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  • JHop

    NBA All-Star Game starters need to be chosen by something more than just a popular vote of the fans. Much like every other aspect of the NBA, it’s skewed towards the benefit of players in larger, more publicized markets. Yes Chandler and Bosh are both good players, but they aren’t having nearly as good of years as Varejao or Jrue Holiday are.

  • JNeids

    I realize it would be a complete honor or Andy to get named to the team, but for me personally, I don’t want him there. Andy is an All-Star of a COMPLETELY different definition than that stupid game that I could care less if it was never played again.

    Again, this is more due to my feelings about the ASG.

  • Why can’t people just accept that Andy is a CENTER?! He plays center for the Cavs, and has ever since Z left town! Why is this so inconceivable for all the haters?! He’s 6’11 for chrissake!

  • Wow

    I just want him there to see him playing defense, diving for rebounds, and annoying the guys who don’t believe in trying in this game.

  • mgbode

    there is no “center” position on the allstar ballot.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    This is exactly why I hate the fact that fans get to vote for all-stars (for both baseball and basketball). Fans have no idea that Andy is the best center in the Eastern conference… and since he gets all up the grills of their players, they probably hate him. Yes, these are the people who should decide who starts in the All-Star game.

  • mgbode

    why does it matter? the game is an exhibition for the fans, so the fans decide who starts. players/coaches fill out the bench (and Andy might still get the shaft, but it would be because of the Cavs record).

    now, if you ever see someone citing a players allstar appearances as validation for them being a great player, then we can start laughing and getting into good arguments.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I guess I just want it to mean something… as long as it’s just an exhibition for the fans, it’s completely useless and unimportant, and the players treat it as such. I miss when there was a lot of pride about playing in the all-star game and it was an honor to be selected. I miss Bird and Magic going at each other like it was a regular season game.

  • mgbode

    they are memories and they are somewhat fictitious. the players back then still played half-heartedly until late in the game.

    look at the ’88 allstar game. even in the 4th quarter, there is a ton of scoring. do you think Fratello(East) and Riley(West) would allow this many points if they actually cared?

    go through a bunch of these games and you’ll see the frontcourt palyers met little resistance and all the games were in the 130s to 150s.

    it was more accepted as an exhibition back then, where now the media is trying to make more out of it. let it be, I say.

  • Steve

    I’m not sure if it’s larger markets, it’s just that many people can’t properly identify the top talent. Example: Carmelo Anthony started all star games in Denver. He was incorrectly seen as a top 10 player both there and in NY.

  • Samuel

    This was my vote