MLB Trade Rumors: Indians and Reds nearing deal for Choo

The Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds are reportedly in advanced talks in a deal that would send Gold Glove-nominated outfielder Shin-Soo Choo down Interstate 71.

CBS Sports’ Danny Knobler reports that the Indians would receive center fielder Drew Stubbs and shortstop Didi Gregorius in return. The Reds are expected to receive another player in addition to Choo. Choo would play center field for the Reds while batting lead-off. Gregorious would provide even more depth at the shortstop position as the Tribe continues to work the phones in hopes of trading All-Star Asdrubal Cabrera.

Choo had a .373 on-base percentage and an .815 OPS last year for the Indians. As Knobler points out, he led off 98 times, and had a .389 on-base percentage in those games.

The 2012 season was rough for Stubbs as the 28-year-old hit .213 with an OPS of .610. He did manage to steal 30 bases, giving him three consecutive seasons of such a feat. In 604 at-bats in 2011, Stubbs nabbed 40 bases, scoring 92 runs. He has seen a considerable year-over-year regression since his 2010 season of 22 home runs, 77 runs batted in and 91 runs scored (.773 OPS).

Stubbs would likely play center field with the Indians sliding Michael Brantley to left. Given his speed, he would undoubtedly be in contention to be the team’s lead-off hitter.

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  • JK

    I like Stubbs, don’t know a lot about the SS but it doesn’t seem too bad. Let’s see what else out there.

  • MaliceNavy

    Yikes. Stubbs and Reynolds in the same batting order? Whiff city.

  • saggy

    if they put Stubbs and Reynolds in the same batting order, this team will be lucky to win 75 games. So many rally-killing strikeouts; nobody on base; whiff-town.

  • Doc

    Gregorius seems to be a decent prospect though far from a sure thing. Not to mention he plays the same position as our one top prospect. Stubbs is bringing nothing – 28 years old and regressing. I’d sure like to think we can do better for Choo – can’t afford to mess this up!

  • FearTheRoo

    Well going into the offseason we knew we needed LF, 1B, 3B, DH, and SP. We have added a few SS, CF, and created another need at RF. What the heck is going on in the minds of Indians management. If you going to trade Choo (30, .280 avg) what is the purpose of getting a guy who’s only 2 years younger and can’t hit at all?

  • CleMe

    I think you guys are missing the point. We’ve desperately needed RH power and Stubbs and Reynolds would help considerably there. I agree that they both strike out at a high rate but signing a guy like Swisher (hoping we do) and having Santana in the lineup everyday will really offset that.

  • mgbode

    Let’s start with the fact that I like Stubbs well enough. 2012 was rough, but a pretty consistent .325OBP before that and he’s a guy who will steal 30-40 bases on top of that. He’s got great range in CF as well. He is going to SO a ton (and yes, him and Reynolds is a scary proposition), but he has pluses.

    Now that is out of the way. I would hate this deal. We deal Choo for a complete downgrade at OF and a defensive SS who struggled hitting in AAA (when we have SS depth?).

    Trading Choo w/o getting a plus SP or a plus hitter is a pure fail.

  • mgbode

    Note from article: It’s possible that Gregorius could be the shortstop who goes to Arizona, rather than Cabrera.

  • mgbode

    do you think Stubbs+Gregorious is enough for a 1yr rental of Choo?

  • I’m not sure what makes this deal attractive to our FO….then again, horrible trades are their MO soooooooo…..

  • I really don’t understand the appeal of this trade from the Tribe’s perspective. CF (Brantley) and SS (Aviles, Lindor – assuming Cabrera is traded) are 2 of the positions I have the least concern about in 2013 and beyond. This deal doesn’t solve either of the Tribe’s major issues (front of the rotation arm, RH power bat in a corner position). If this is the best they can do in exchange for Choo, I’d rather take the Type-A (or B) Free Agent draft pick compensation.

  • Steve

    A deal with Arizona makes a lot more sense. Get back some pitching we need. Maybe still move Cabrera to St. Louis for even more pitching, and suddenly we might have a rotation.

  • woofersus

    I certainly don’t. As long as he’s a rental, if that’s all we’ll get for him I say wait until the trade deadline and fleece a contender with a hole to fill.

  • markn95

    Stubbs stinks. He struck out over 200 times in 2011, a year before his terrible 2012. And this guy is a candidate for leadoff hitter? And while we’re at it, what is it about the Indians and their inability to get decent corner outfielders? Any GM will tell you those are the “easiest” spots to fill. And yet Choo has been our best (only?) “power” hitting corner outfielder during the entire decade Shappenetti have been in charge. And Brantley will be #2 if they move him to left. Pathetic.


    Now I’m usually an optimistic tribe fan who is lenient on Antonetti, but I honestly can’t see any rationale behind this trade. We already have CF who is a much better hitter who strikes out half as much. Stubbs is a career .241/.312/.386/.698 hitter. I would much rather give Fedroff a chance than see scrubs out there daily.

    Why not wait until the all star break when teams will be actually interested in Choo? Worst case scenario, Choo plays the whole year for us and we get draft pick compensation, which is probably better than what we’d get now!

    Gregorius doesn’t do much for the tribe as he’s definitely below Lindor and Paulino and I’d rather have ronny rod too. True head scratcher.

  • cmm13

    MLB Attendance Rumors: Tribe looking to overtake Tampa Bay for crown of least viewed live team.


    Also gotta wonder if the tribe could’ve made that deal for Starling Marte last year. Not sure, but maybe if we threw in another prospect it could’ve happened. Missed opportunities… SMH

  • subadai

    Ok guys…. In the interests of full disclosure I am a Browns fan from SW Oh (Dayton) I and follow this site for the Browns coverage. But I am a huge Reds fan…. I’ll tell u this…. Good luck w/. Stubbs… I’m done. There is nothin that pisses me off more than a leadoff hitter who strikes out…. unless it’s a WR who drops passes.

    But… on the other hand. Gregorious has a chance to be REALLY good. I saw him play w/ the Dragons (low A Reds affiliate) here in Dayton. He has potential. Plus he has an awesome name.

  • Natedawg86

    I agree. Seems like they are getting the better end of the deal…Why would we trade to get another guy we could trade…..hmmmm

  • Natedawg86

    I don’t either!

  • Oppie

    Cincy fans can’t stand Stubbs, which make complete sense why the Indians would trade for him.

  • maxfnmloans

    I remember back in college when we used to complain that home runs were rally killers.

    I was too young and stupid then to realize how good those times were.

  • typo

    BWAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA! In other news, Kevin Youkilis took less money to not come here.
    These types of trades used to bother me until I stopped following baseball and took up knitting. I am much happier.

  • Jim

    Everyone is hating here without realizing we are about to net either Bauer or Patrick Corbin for Didi without having given up Asdrubal. This is a brilliant move by Antonetti. We turned Choo into a replacement player and top flight starting pitching prospect, which we desperately need.

  • cmm13

    check the updates, it’s done. Bauer to us. Hooray!